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    • Scott Pryor
      Scott Pryor

      Scott is a member of the State Bar of Georgia and is listed in the top 1% of trial attorneys in the nation by the Litigator Awards. He is also a member of Super Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association—Champion Level and sits on the Communications Committee of GTLA, and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

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    • JJ Timmons
      JJ Timmons

      J. J. Timmons graduated from Mercer Law School in 2000. He spent many years thereafter doing insurance defense work in general liability and workers’ compensation for several insurance companies and a major automobile manufacturer. He eventually realized that he was working on the wrong side and has been representing plaintiffs and injured workers for the last seven years.

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    • Kurtis Badger
      Kurtis Badger

      Kurtis graduated from the University of Virginia School of Law – a top-ten law school – in 2019. Following graduation, Kurtis began practice in corporate litigation and defense at a top-20 law firm worldwide. Kurtis gained experience in sophisticated, complex, multimillion-dollar litigation, and successfully defended international corporations against many single-plaintiff claims. With a desire to be “on the right side of the table,” Kurtis joined Scott Pryor Law in August 2021, and has been helping injured plaintiffs obtain justice ever since.

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    • Zahra Jacobs
      Zahra Jacobs

      Zahra has a background in Project Management and Change Management with 18 years of experience in financial services. Throughout her career Zahra has implemented large scale transformation initiatives of processes and applications keeping people at the forefront. Zahra is very driven and solutions oriented and cares about people. She is also bilingual. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her husband, beautiful daughter, and their many pets (2 dogs, and 3 cats).

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    • Angie Hemmings
      Angie Hemmings

      Angie Hemmings joined Scott Pryor Law just last year, and has already made her mark on the Firm. Her previous employment on staff at a local church prepared Angie for her current role in client relations and marketing. Meeting prospective clients, checking in regularly with current clients, and staying in touch with former clients are what Angie is passionate about. She wants you to know that you and your family are important to her.

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    • Gilbert Abad
      Gilbert Abad

      Mr. Abad is an expert with over eighteen years of experience in the legal field, holds numerous degrees, and is bilingual. Over his career, Mr. Abad had the pleasure of training attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and office staff on legal issues and procedures. He has also taught Introduction to Law and Legal Research and Writing as an adjunct professor at Gwinnett College. He has served in the U.S. Army, and has served with the United Nations in Macedonia as a U.N. Peacekeeper.

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    • Amanda Wood
      Amanda Wood

      Amanda is a great recent addition to the Scott Pryor Law team, and is making a difference daily with her great organizational skills and tenacity.  A transplant to Georgia, she moved to Gwinnett county about six years ago with her husband, two children, and two dogs. When not at work, she enjoys reading, crafting, spending time with her family, and spoiling her new grandbaby.

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    • Rhonda Anzaldua
      Rhonda Anzaldua

      Rhonda brings over 20 years of customer service and hospitality experience to the marketing and intake team. She is passionate about providing our clients with an outstanding experience from the very first day, and prides herself in her ability to be straightforward and honest but also able to empathize and offer comfort in the difficult conversations. In her spare time, she loves DIY projects, reading, and exploring Atlanta with her husband and three kids.

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    • Jillian Grotsky
      Jillian Grotsky

      Jillian is an experienced Legal Concierge Administrative Assistant. She is very driven in her job and life. She takes pride in providing our clients with care, compassion, answering questions, office support, and ensuring client satisfaction with smiles. She truly is a jack of all trades for our law firm, willing to go above and beyond for whatever the needs may be. When she is not keeping busy with work Jillian enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, running, motorcycles, climbing mountain trails & enjoys the beauty of waterfalls.

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    • Alexa Carbajal
      Alexa Carbajal

      Alexa is one of our newest additions to the team at Scott Pryor Law as a full-time receptionist and administrative assistant. She is bilingual and has outstanding communication skills that allow her to go above and beyond when interacting with our clients. Alexa loves meeting and interacting with new people, therefore providing excellent client service comes naturally to her. Alexa's past work experiences have helped enhance her personal skills and enable her to work well with different generations and people from all walks of life.

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    • Ashley Wilson
      Ashley Wilson

      Ashley has worked in customer service for five years and has a distinct passion for helping others. Despite working full time as a legal assistant while also being a full-time student at the University of West Georgia, Ashley has never once sacrificed the high personal standards she sets herself in either area.

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    • Benish Bhamani
      Benish Bhamani

      Benish is the most recent addition to our law firm. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelors in Business Administration and concentration in Human Resources Management. Benish has an extensive corporate background in which she has acquired strategic organization, analytical, and communication skills; which allow her to go above and beyond for all entities of people. Since 2009, Benish has also been a member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). She is bilingual.

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    • Kathleen Badger
      Kathleen Badger

      Kathleen is a seasoned Executive Assistant with over 14 years in the field. She has extensive experience with all administrative tasks, including scheduling and correspondence. Having held positions in the legal, financial, and marketing fields, Kathleen is able to tailor her skills to meet the needs of various clients. She has a magnetic personality and loves to laugh. This friendliness allows her to beneficially interact with prospective and existing clientele, which increases client satisfaction across the board.

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    • Tamra Misseijer
      Tamra Misseijer

      Tamra served as an educator and administrative assistant for 20+ years. Professionally multifaceted, bilingual, and media savvy, her experience translates well into her role as Digital Liaison for the firm. Tamra’s main responsibilities for Scott Pryor Law include creating content for the firm’s connection to the outside world via various social media platforms, promoting the firm through these platforms, and Spanish translation.

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When a vehicle collides with someone walking down the street, it might be easy to blame the motorist. However, liability in Gwinnett County pedestrian accident cases is not always obvious. A court must determine which party had the right of way and whether either party violated traffic laws. A skilled attorney could help an injured pedestrian build a case that minimizes their percentage of fault.

Determining Liability in Peachtree Corners

An insurance company typically determines who is at fault for a pedestrian accident in Gwinnett County, unless an attorney wants to dispute it. In those cases, a jury would decide if the attorney and insurance company cannot agree.

Liability is determined by who was legally entitled to be on the roadway at the time the collision occurred. If the pedestrian had the right of way, the driver is at fault. If the driver had the right of way, the pedestrian could be found at fault.

An experienced attorney could build a claim minimizing a pedestrian’s fault and argue on their behalf in court. If the case is heard in front of a judge, it is a known as a bench trial. Cases heard before juries are known as jury trials.

How is Liability in Pedestrian Cases Different From Car Accident Cases?

Liability in pedestrian cases can be a lot harder to determine because in car wreck cases, the damage to the vehicles tells the story. Often, if a person is struck by a vehicle, they will be thrown to a different part of the roadway, and it may be more of a he-said, she-said situation. If they were crossing on a crosswalk with a crossing signal, the driver might argue that the pedestrian did not have the right of way.

Contributory Negligence

Contributory negligence on the part of the pedestrian will serve to reduce or dismiss their recovery. For example, if they are found 50 percent at-fault, the pedestrian has no case. If they are found less than 50 percent responsible, their recovery award will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to them by a court. For example, if the pedestrian is found 30 percent at fault and a jury awards $100,000, the pedestrian’s award for damages would be reduced to $70,000.

Pedestrian Negligence

If the pedestrian was in the roadway without authorization, for instance, they were crossing the roadway where there was not a crosswalk, they could be liable for their injuries if they did not yield to oncoming traffic. If a pedestrian was distracted at the time of the accident, that also could go against them.

For instance, if a pedestrian was distracted by their phone, the driver can make an argument for contributory negligence. The defense could argue the pedestrian could have gotten out of the way or taken measures to be safe had they not been distracted.

Driver Negligence

If the vehicle was traveling way above the speed limit, there might be an argument for punitive damages. The speed of the vehicle will determine the amount of damages recovered by the pedestrian, because the faster the vehicle is going, the more damage to the person being hit. Also, if the driver is driving at a reckless speed, that will be a key factor in determining the negligence of the driver versus a pedestrian.

Georgia has a hands-free law, so if someone was texting or they were distracted when they were driving, that will be a  factor in determining liability against the driver. If the driver committed a traffic violation, it may point to them being negligent and causing the wreck.

Do Crosswalks Impact Liability?

Crosswalks are extremely important in determining liability. It will be very difficult for a driver to claim that a pedestrian was negligent, since crosswalks protect pedestrians under the law, giving them the right of way.

At intersections controlled by traffic lights, people traveling on foot must make sure to have the crossing signal to be in the crosswalk legally. There are a lot of crosswalks in Georgia and Gwinnett County where the cars must stop no matter what, and the pedestrians have the absolute right and authority to be in the crosswalk.

A Lawyer Could Determine Liability in Gwinnett County Pedestrian Accident Cases

An accomplished attorney could investigate the scene of the wreck to gather all the evidence, talk to witnesses, and get camera footage from a light or a nearby business. A lawyer may even hire an accident reconstructionist to determine liability in Gwinnett County pedestrian accident cases. Speak with an attorney now to discuss your case.

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