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Columbus Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

There are few consequences following an accident that are more severe than a traumatic brain injury. These brain injuries could have a devastating impact on the injured person as well as their family. Traumatic brain injuries could alter a person’s ability to maintain employment or care for themselves. If a brain injury has threatened your quality of life, you could have a viable claim for monetary damages.

The victim of a brain injury accident typically faces a difficult road to recovery. While some brain injuries heal completely, others can have lifelong effects. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney could help a brain injury victim recover compensation from the person responsible for the injury. To learn more about filing a lawsuit against the person responsible for your injury, contact a Columbus traumatic brain injury lawyer.

The Different Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

In general, brain injuries fall into one of five broad categories. While these injuries all carry the potential for severe consequences, the nature of the damage to the brain is different. A Columbus traumatic brain injury attorney must consider the scope of an injury when initially reviewing a client’s claim. The common types of brain injuries include:


A concussion is widely considered to be the least severe form of traumatic brain injury. That does not mean concussions do not carry significant consequences, however. While some concussion symptoms clear up on their own, others can last a lifetime. A concussion involves an impact to the head so severe that it jolts the brain. The brain shakes within the skull hard enough to cause damage.

Brain Contusions

A brain contusion is another name for a brain bruise. Unlike skin bruises, this injury is especially serious. A contusion stems from bleeding on the brain, which can become fatal if left untreated.

Coup-Contrecoup Brain Injuries

A Coup-Contrecoup injury occurs when an impact is so severe the brain strikes the opposite side of the skull. The result is two different areas of injury: the point of impact and the part of the brain that strikes the skull. The results of these brain injuries can be devastating depending on the area of the brain that sustains the injury.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

A diffuse axonal injury, or DAI, is essentially a more severe version of a concussion. The injuries differ based on the violent nature of the impact. With a DAI, the brain shakes so rapidly that tears occur in the brain stem tissue.

Penetrating Injuries

The vast majority of traumatic brain injuries stem from blunt force trauma to the victim’s head. However, some brain injuries result from an object penetrating the skull as well as the brain. Gunshot wounds are a frequent cause of penetrating injuries.

Deadline to File a Columbus Brain Injury Lawsuit

It is critical to move quickly when pursuing a brain injury lawsuit. State law sets a deadline in which plaintiffs must file a claim. If they fail to file the suit on time, the court is empowered to dismiss the case forever. Under Georgia law, a Columbus traumatic brain injury lawyer must file a lawsuit within two years of the date of their injury.

Contact a Columbus Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

While compensation for your traumatic brain injury is possible, the process of obtaining monetary damages can be lengthy and complicated. Pursuing these damages on your own can put your recovery at risk. Call a Columbus traumatic brain injury lawyer for experienced representation.