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Bicycle Laws in Georgia: Bike Crashes and Insurance

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The only way to safely and efficiently operate in traffic is by following a set of rules, no matter if you are in a car, truck, or riding a bicycle. There are Uniform Rules of the Road that apply to drivers–including those who drive bicycles. This means that bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as any motorist.

If someone hits me on my bike, will their insurance cover me?

Yes. If a driver’s negligence in driving caused your injury then that person’s car insurance is the primary way to seek compensation for damages. With that said, there are often challenges bicyclists face when attempting to seek compensation. If you encounter any barriers at all, then you must consult with a qualified personal injury attorney.

What steps do I take if I am hit?

  • Start by getting medical care.
  • Compile documents, photos, medical bills, police reports, etc.
  • Consult with a personal injury attorney
  • Issue a Letter of Demand to the at-fault driver’s insurance company with requests. Your personal injury attorney can help with this.

Can I file a lawsuit to get compensated for damages sustained in an accident?

If you were riding a bicycle and someone else’s negligence caused an accident, you always have the right to file a lawsuit in civil court. This would not be the first line option as you should be able to get compensated through the driver’s insurance. You can even work out a settlement agreement with the company to make sure you get what is fair in terms of potential lost wages, medical bills, damage to bikes, etc. In all likelihood you should never have to go to court for this type of accident.

If I am involved in a hit and run, will insurance cover me?

Georgia state law requires that the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident stop and locate anyone with injuries, any damaged property, and then exchange contact information. In many cases the occurrence of the accident will need to be reported to the police. With that said, if you are riding a bicycle and the driver hits you and doesn’t stop, it severely limits your options— especially legally.It can take time and effort by both yourself and law enforcement agencies to locate individuals and most find themselves in an uphill battle.

Why should I hire an attorney?

Legal counsel can help in multiple ways following a car/bike accident. Not only will they help you with the claims process, they will take care of the mountain of paperwork that will accompany such a case. Hiring a lawyer provides you with the best chance to obtain the most compensation so you can pay your bills and get on with your life. Remember, an accident can leave you not only in a financial mess, but emotionally as well.

If you ever become injured in a bicycle accident, make sure you hire a lawyer to protect your rights. If you don’t, you risk losing a fair monetary settlement that is crucial to helping you recover and get back on your feet. There are so many losses that are sustained during an accident so hire an advocate that will make sure you are treated fairly and justly.

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