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Mistakes to Avoid After a Gwinnett County Car Accident

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The moments after a car wreck could be crucial to the outcome of a civil claim. As a result, there are many mistakes to avoid after a Gwinnett County car accident in order to protect the success of your claim. An experienced attorney could help you navigate these potential pitfalls and guide you throughout the claims process.

Admitting Fault at the Scene

If an individual admits fault at the scene of an accident, their words could be used against them by the insurance company and by law enforcement. Therefore, it is extremely important to not admit to any charges before speaking with an attorney.

Additionally, law enforcement may construe an apology as an admission of guilt. Because the state follows a system of comparative negligence, the opposing party’s attorney could make an argument that the plaintiff apologized because they were partially at fault for the accident. If someone tries to apologize, they should not admit or deny guilt, but simply check on the other person’s injuries. In general, any form of admitting fault could affect the value of the case and the question of liability.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Some people refuse immediate medical care because they do not appear to be injured or they may not immediately feel pain. This occurs because someone’s adrenaline may keep them from feeling the pain of their injuries. Refusing medical treatment is a major mistake to avoid following a car accident in Gwinnett County because some injuries may worsen if they do not receive treatment immediately.

Also, if a plaintiff refuses medical attention, it may appear as if they did not suffer any injuries at the scene, which could impact their ability to recover compensation and file a claim. In other words, to claim damages a plaintiff must demonstrate their losses, and they can do this by showing proof of the medical treatment they have received.

One of the main reasons why someone might refuse medical care is out of fear accruing significant medical costs. However, an attorney could work to ensure that the insurance company pays for at least some of their medical treatment if the car wreck is not their fault.

Failing to Follow Up with a Doctor

Another major error someone can make after a Gwinnett County car wreck is failing to follow their treatment plan properly. If an injured plaintiff does not follow their doctor’s orders, they may heal improperly or not at all. Additionally, insurance companies may use gaps in treatment as evidence against or to considerably devalue an injured claimant’s case.

Other Common Mistakes

Some other common mistakes that injured claimants should avoid making after a car accident in Gwinnett County include failing to call the police and contacting their auto insurance company to notify them that they were in a wreck.

Additionally, some drivers lack uninsured motorist policies or fail to add this extra coverage in a timely manner. This could become a problem if the motorist they were in an accident and lacked coverage and then they must depend on their own insurance company to pay their medical bills.

How an Attorney Could Help a Claimant Avoid Making Mistakes After a Gwinnet County Car Accident

If an injured party does not contact a skilled attorney after a wreck, they may be at a significant disadvantage when pursuing compensation and handling insurance companies. Additionally, there are many mistakes to avoid after a Gwinnett County car accident that legal counsel could help a claimant navigate.

As a result, if you have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle crash, consult with an attorney. To learn more about how a legal representative could help you, call today.

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