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Handling Insurance Companies After a Gwinnett County Motorcycle Accident

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Immediately after a motorcycle accident, your main priority should be getting to safety and seeking medical treatment.  After you have ensured your health and safety, your next call should be to a skilled attorney.

A lawyer could help you with handling insurance companies after a Gwinnett County motorcycle accident. Insurance companies aim to devalue a claim. A skilled attorney could work to ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Should a Claimant Contact Their Own Insurance Company?

In Georgia, if insurance companies are not notified of accidents within a reasonable amount of time, the individual may lose their rights to any of their uninsured motorist carrier benefits. Yet, reasonable notice is not defined under state law, making it imperative that individuals notify their insurance carrier as soon as possible.

An attorney could contact an individual’s insurance company to report a motorcycle accident in Gwinnett County and establish a claim. However, some insurance companies require the individual to do so themselves. In such cases, a lawyer could advise an injured party on what to say.

What If a Motorcyclist Does Not Have Insurance?

Insurance is mandatory for Gwinnett County motorcycle riders. Under criminal code, failure to have appropriate insurance carries criminal penalties, such as a ticket or jail time, depending on the number of offenses. People who do not have insurance should contact an attorney who could then determine liability.

A lack of insurance in a motorcycle injury case could result in an injured individual not being compensated as they should be. A dedicated attorney could reach out to medical providers and seek reductions of the injured individual’s medical bills so that they are not buried in debt or subject to wage garnishment. A lawyer also may be able to persuade medical providers to forgive some debt on behalf of a plaintiff in the event there is not enough insurance coverage.

Motorcyclists also should consider an umbrella policy to protect them if they injure someone else or themselves in an accident. If a motorcyclist opts for an umbrella policy, they should confirm who is covered under the policy with their insurance to ensure that they can fully utilize their policy.

Dealing with a Defendant’s Insurance Company

An individual injured in a motorcycle accident should avoid corresponding with the at-fault party’s insurance company. A defendant’s coverage provider may try to decrease the value of the plaintiff’s claim. This is because an insurance company is trying to find reasons not to pay the plaintiff and avoid going to trial. It is always a bad idea to correspond directly with the insurance company without the guidance of a seasoned attorney.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Help Today

Handling insurance companies after a Gwinnett County motorcycle accident requires the assistance of a well-practiced attorney. Insurance companies aim to decrease the value of your injury claim. A lawyer could work to ensure insurance companies do not take advantage of you by guiding you on what to say and fighting for your right to fair compensation. Call today to learn more.

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