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Construction Accidents Lawyers GA

Helping Injured Workers Protect Their Rights

There were over 1,000 fatal construction accident injuries in the United States in 2020, which places the construction industry as number one in the number of deadly work accidents every year. While it is clear that construction sites can be inherently dangerous due to the nature of the work itself, many hazards on the job site could be mitigated if all parties followed adequate safety standards. So, what happens when you are hurt in a construction accident in Georgia? The Scott Pryor Law Group discusses the rights of injured construction workers in Georgia and provides a few tips on when to seek legal help for a construction accident.

What Are the Most Frequent Types of Construction Accidents?

There are countless hazards at a construction site. The most common types of accidents include falls, electrocution accidents, accidents with heavy machinery or equipment, accidents due to faulty tools and equipment, exposure to dangerous or flammable substances, and burns caused by explosions or dangerous chemicals.

Construction sites often involve working on scaffolding, roofs, or spots that are several feet off the ground. These heights pose a significant risk of falls, which can cause serious injuries or even death. In addition, many construction workers work with or around electricity. Improper wiring or faulty equipment can lead to electrocution accidents, resulting in severe burns, nerve damage, and fatalities in some cases.

Working with or around heavy machinery is a routine for many construction workers. The use of equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, and excavators is inherently dangerous and requires heightened attention and safety protocols. Accidents involving heavy equipment can result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Faulty tools and equipment that are not adequately inspected and maintained can often cause serious injuries.

Explosions, burns, and exposure to dangerous chemicals are other common hazards at construction sites. Construction sites often use flammable materials, such as fuel, chemicals, and gases. Improper storage or handling of these materials can lead to fire or explosion accidents, causing severe burns and injuries. When handling these materials, workers need to have access to personal safety materials such as gloves, masks, and eye protection. Failure to provide adequate equipment to workers can result in exposure to these dangerous chemicals and cause a variety of health problems.

What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Construction Accidents?

Construction accidents can happen due to many reasons, ranging from lack of training to unsafe working environments and even negligence. The most common causes of construction accidents in Georgia include:

  • Lack of proper training. Improper training or language barriers can lead to workers being unaware of proper safety procedures and techniques. This can lead to accidents and injuries on site.
  • Inadequate safety measures. Construction sites can be dangerous places, and proper safety measures need to be in place to prevent accidents. Lack of proper safety equipment, inadequate fall protection, and insufficient scaffolding can lead to accidents.
  • Unsafe working conditions. Unstable structures, malfunctioning equipment, and hazardous materials can contribute to construction accidents.
  • Negligence. Construction accidents can also be caused by negligence. An employer or a co-worker can act in a negligent or reckless manner and cause an accident. In addition, third parties, such as contractors, subcontractors, or property owners, may also act with negligence and contribute to a construction site accident.

It is worth noting that most workers in Georgia are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, which provides benefits for workers who become injured or develop a work-related illness. This coverage is provided to eligible employees regardless of who may have been at fault for the construction accident.

Can You Sue Your Employer for Negligence in a Construction Accident?

As mentioned above, construction accidents that happen in the course of employment are generally covered by worker’s compensation. A worker may get benefits for their injuries even if they were partially or completely at fault for what happened. But what if the worker was injured because of something their employer did – or failed to do?

While worker’s compensation is a no-fault-based system, it also comes with a catch – you may not sue your employer for negligence if you are covered by worker’s comp, as it is regarded as the only remedy for work injuries. However, if a third party (such as an independent contractor, equipment manufacturer, or property owner) is also responsible for your construction accident, you may be able to take legal action against that third party and initiate a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation. This does not bar you from receiving worker’s comp benefits, but it may be wise to ask an attorney to see if filing a lawsuit against a third party would affect your case.

When Should I Speak to a Construction Accident Attorney About My Case?

If you have suffered injuries after a construction accident at work, it may be a good idea to consult an attorney about your case. You will also want to notify your employer about the accident and seek emergency medical help for any serious injuries. In Georgia, you have up to one year to file a worker’s compensation claim, counting from the date of the accident. However, it is best to file your claim as soon as possible in order to better support your claim and avoid any delays in receiving your benefits.

Be sure to speak to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Even if you do not plan to go to court, your attorney can provide you with invaluable advice to help you navigate your worker’s comp claim, but the longer you wait, the more complicated it is to prove your case. If you were hurt in a construction accident, call the construction accident attorneys at the Scott Pryor Law Group at 678-325-3434.