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Gwinnett County Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision is when a driver comes into the path of another vehicle and hits that vehicle head-on with the front end of theirs. Often, these collisions involve some sort of negligence, so it is critical to seek the services of a dedicated attorney.

No one expects that a driver would waive their obligation of duty to others on the road. However, accidents happen. When they do, it is essential to contact an experienced car accident attorney who is familiar with all types of car wrecks. If you or a loved one were injured in such a wreck, contact a dedicated Gwinnett County head-on collision lawyer.

Common Factors in Head-On Car Accidents

A common trend surrounding head-on collision scenarios is that another driver will often veer into the lane of a vehicle which has the right of way. Many times, the driver who comes illegally into the path of the other driver is either impaired by alcohol, texting while driving, or distracted in another manner such as changing the radio.

Common locations where head-on collisions occur in Gwinnett County include areas of new construction and new roadways. New construction can lead to more traffic, which increases the risk of car wrecks.

Head-On Car Accident Injuries

Head injuries, concussions, and neurological damage are often associated with head-on collisions and make this kind of accident exceptionally serious. An individual could have back injuries, severe cuts, and injuries to the extremities such as broken arms legs, hands, and ribs. In the worst of situations, head-on collisions could be deadly or cause a form of paralysis.

Assigning Fault in Head-On Collision Claims

Fault is assigned by insurance companies and traffic law based on factors such as the right of way. Often, investigators ask if there was there any sort of contributory negligence from the other driver who claims to have the right of way. Later on, attorneys may try to determine if one of the parties involved was driving in a distracted manner, or if there was some sort of negligence involved. All of these facets could impact the case and how fault is determined. A dedicated head-on collision lawyer in Gwinnett County could help establish negligence following a wreck.

How an Attorney Could Help

The first steps an attorney often takes in a head-on collision is to gather as much evidence as possible by looking at the police reports and speaking with the officer and any witnesses. They could check if there was any video footage or dash cam footage, review any photographs of the scene and the vehicles involved, and look at the data from the vehicles themselves, such as the black box data. An attorney could obtain important data before it is destroyed. A Gwinnett County head-on car accident attorney could also look for any other evidence and get an accident reconstructionist involved to show what happened.

Contact a Gwinnett County Head-On Collision Attorney

After sustaining an injury from a negligent or impaired driver, it is critical to act promptly and contact an attorney who could evaluate your case. Reach out to a Gwinnett County head-on collision lawyer as soon as possible. Do not let your claim expire under the statutes of limitations. Let an experienced legal professional help you recover the damages you deserve.