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Gwinnett County Child Injury Lawyer

Children are our pride and joy, and we do everything we can to protect them. That’s why it is even more devastating when a child is injured in an accident. Young children, especially, are not able to understand the circumstances of the accident like an adult is able to process it. The law has recognized this fact and has adjusted the rules for compensation and liability in accidents when minors are involved.

A child may not be old enough to seek justice for themselves, but their current parents or guardians absolutely have the right to seek and negotiate compensation on their child’s behalf with the help of a Gwinnett County child injury attorney.

Fatal Child Injury Cases

According to Safe Kids Worldwide, motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 19. In 2013, 430,187 children ages nineteen and under suffered a nonfatal injury as an occupant in a motor vehicle accident.

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Scott Pryor Law is experienced to fight the insurance companies for you while you direct your time and effort on recovering from this traumatic event. If a minor in your custody has been seriously injured as a result of someone’s negligence or fault, it is important to have your case reviewed as early as possible by an experienced Gwinnett County injury lawyer. Only then can you be certain that you have identified all sources of compensation and that your claim will accurately depict the full extent of your loss.