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Truck Driver Intoxication Accidents in Gwinnett County

Although truck accidents caused by intoxicated drivers do not happen all the time in Gwinnett County, they do happen with more regularity than one would expect. Furthermore, they do not exclusively involve inhibition by alcohol, since various other substances—including illicit drugs and both prescription and over-the-counter medications—may impede someone’s ability to drive safely.

In the event an intoxicated truck driver causes an accident in Gwinnett County that results in injury to one or more other people, those injured parties may have grounds to file civil suit. A qualified truck accident attorney could go into further detail about what your legal options may be in this scenario.

Common Trends in Truck Accidents Attributed to Intoxication

Truck accidents that involve intoxicated drivers often stem from a trucking company not monitoring their drivers as they should. They may not have adequate drug and alcohol testing programs in place, or if they have them, they are not enforcing them.

Alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs are the substances that most frequently lead intoxicated truck drivers in Gwinnett County to cause accidents. Opioid-based prescription drugs in particularly are commonly used by truck drivers, and many other drivers utilize stimulants—legal and otherwise—to drive beyond their natural capabilities.

Implications of a DUI on a Truck Driver’s Future Employment?

In many cases, a DUI conviction is a career killer for a commercial truck driver. If a trucking company hires somebody who has had a DUI in the past, it opens them up to liability for negligent hiring and other employment issues down the road if that driver subsequently gets another DUI, gets into a traffic accident, or has other driving infractions.

The location that a DUI is issued in does not matter—it will impact the driver’s CDL status no matter what. If they get a DUI, they would not be allowed to drive.

Ultimately, a DUI will greatly impact a trucker’s career, if not terminate or suspend their career until it is cleared up. The livelihoods of truck drivers are based off of their ability to drive, so they are held to a higher standard in terms of what they do on the roadways because they are professional drivers, not just regular ones.

Impact of a DUI on a Standard Driver’s License

A DUI as a truck driver will also impact an individual’s standard driver’s license. If a person’s truck driving license is suspended for a DUI, their regular driver’s license would be suspended as well.

The penalties for a truck driver’s DUI also differ from those associated with a standard driver’s DUI. Specifically, it hurts them by way of the revocation or suspension of their CDL and leads to additional ramifications with their employer, because as mentioned previously, they are a professional driver.

How an Attorney Could Help with a Gwinnett County Crash Involving an Intoxicated Driver

If you were harmed in a wreck caused by an intoxicated truck driver in Gwinnett County, you may have suffered significant damages that greatly affect your physical and financial wellbeing. Fortunately, you may have options at your disposal to seek appropriate financial restitution for the injuries and losses you sustained. To learn more about what may be possible in your case, contact a dedicated truck accident attorney today.