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Gwinnett County Side-Impact Truck Accident Lawyer

Any kind of accident with a commercial truck can have significant consequences, but side-impact wrecks are particularly dangerous and often even deadly. If you suffered injuries in this kind of crash, you may need specialized legal assistance in addition to medical attention.

A seasoned Gwinnett County side-impact truck accident lawyer could be your strongest ally under such circumstances. With an experienced truck wreck attorney by your side, you may stand a better chance of succeeding with a civil claim against a large trucking company and recovering compensation for all your injuries and losses.

Defining Side-Impact Collisions

A side-impact collision is one in which the vehicle that initially makes contact strikes the impacted vehicle in its side. Also known as T-bone accidents, side-impact collisions often involve one vehicle going through some form of intersection and the other vehicle striking the first one while trying to cross that intersection at the same time.

It is often important to contact an attorney early on after such a wreck because the insurance company for the other driver(s) involved will immediately go to work with the goal of avoiding liability to pay out on the claim, or at least trying to pay as little as possible. A dedicated Gwinnett County side-impact truck accident attorney could work to ensure that a plaintiff gets the treatment that they need, comply with state law while helping them build an ensuing civil case, and collect all the relevant data and information so they can put forth the best case possible.

The Importance of Evidence Collection

As with any other traffic incident, it is important to collect evidence following side-impact collisions. If an individual can do so safely, they should take pictures of their vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle in the roadway, get the insurance and contact information of the other driver, call the police and make sure they fill out an accurate report and look for witnesses who may have witnessed the wreck.

Skilled legal counsel should be able to collect and investigate that kind of evidence as well, but whenever possible, it is best for a potential civil plaintiff to collect this information themselves while still at the scene of the wreck. If they can collect and present sufficient evidence of wrongdoing, a person involved in a side-impact collision with a commercial truck may be able to recover compensation for property damage, bodily injuries and related subsequent costs, non-economic damages like pain and suffering, and possibly punitive damages depending on the situation.

How an Attorney Could Help

The steps a lawyer could take to help someone who has been involved in a side-impact truck collision in the Peachtree Corners area include setting up all applicable claims and finding all applicable insurance. They may also serve as an important liaison between the injured party and the insurance company. When speaking with an unrepresented plaintiff, the insurance company may try to trick the injured party into making recorded statements that downplay their injuries and what happened, and they may even try to blame the injured party for the incident occurring.

A side-impact truck accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could also investigate the scene of the accident, collect evidence, talk to witnesses and responding police officers, and take various other actions to help build the case and assess any weaknesses or contributory negligence that might come into play. It is important to address the strengths and weaknesses of a case and make a plan to put forth the best case possible, so usually, significant strategy is involved.

Talk to a Gwinnett County Side-Impact Truck Crash Attorney Today

T-bone truck crashes can be immensely harmful to both your physical and financial well-being. Fortunately, you may have legal options at your disposal to recover financially for your damages. Call a today to schedule a consultation with a Gwinnett County side-impact truck accident lawyer and get started on your case.