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Negligent Security Accident Lawyers, GA

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Visitors and customers expect business establishments, such as stores, shopping centers, hotels, and conference centers, to be safe and protected against criminal activity. Business employees have the same rights. Sadly, many property owners fail to provide adequate security measures for their employees and guests, exposing them to unsafe conditions and making them easy targets for criminals. Learn how negligent security cases work in Georgia and the steps you can take to recover financial compensation as a victim.

What Is Considered Negligent Security, and Who Is Liable for Any Damages?

Georgia businesses have the duty of keeping clients, visitors, guests, and employees safe by taking reasonable steps to create an environment that is not only free from potential health hazards but also free from dangerous criminal activity. It is not enough to prevent customers from being injured in a slip-and-fall situation, for example. Business owners must also ensure that they have basic security measures in place to prevent crimes such as assault, robberies, and gun crimes that could injure or kill someone on their premises.

When a business owner fails to provide basic security measures such as surveillance cameras, proper lighting, and security guards, they could be held liable for negligent security if a visitor ends up being attacked or injured by criminals while present on the property. If the victim of the criminal act can show evidence to prove that the crime could have been prevented with adequate security, that person may be able to claim compensation for their losses.

What Are Common Examples of Negligent Security Problems?

In 2021, a jury awarded a verdict of over $42,000.00 for a man who was shot during an armed robbery in the parking lot of a CVS store in Atlanta. The victim sued CVS, claiming the lack of security measures, such as armed security guards, cameras, and proper lighting in the parking lot, led to the armed robbery and resulted in his injuries and damages. The court agreed that the robbery could have been prevented if the store had provided adequate security measures to protect clients and employees.

This is just one example of how negligent security can lead to criminal activity and result in injuries and damages to a client visiting a business. The store in question was located in a high-crime area of Atlanta and had a record of previous incidents, yet the business owners failed to provide security measures to prevent the foreseeable danger of criminal activity.

Lack of security guards, surveillance cameras, and adequate lighting in parking lots and open spaces are common security deficiencies that could lead to criminal acts. Other examples of deficient security include insufficient staff to patrol the premises regularly and defective security equipment such as latches, locks, and gates that do not work or are not secured properly. Certain types of property may have unique security issues, such as apartment complexes with inadequate guest access control or improper screening of individuals with access to master keys.

Is Negligent Security a Criminal or Civil Claim?

A negligent security case is a type of premises liability claim. Even though negligent security may be the cause for dangerous criminal activity on private property, it is still considered a civil case. This is because a victim of a crime will likely not receive any type of restitution from a criminal case, even if the person who committed the crime against them has been arrested and charged with a criminal offense. The criminal justice system seeks to convict an offender for their crime. It is up to the victim to file a civil claim to recover compensation for damages.

It is the victim’s job to initiate the claim against the property owner and prove that their injuries and damages are a result of the property owner’s negligence in providing adequate security, which resulted in criminal activity that ultimately caused them to suffer physical injuries and other losses. Since the burden of evidence falls on the plaintiff (the victim), it is crucial to get the help of a skilled, negligent security lawyer to help you prepare a successful claim.

What Do You Need to Prove in a Negligent Security Claim?

In order to initiate a negligent security claim, you need to be ready to prove that a few basic elements of negligence are applicable to your case. This includes proving that the property owner had a duty of care to provide adequate security, that they breached their duty of care by failing to provide basic security measures, and that the failure to provide adequate security caused your injuries. Additionally, you need to document the extent of your damages and injuries.

In our example above, the customer visiting the local CVS store expected the business owners to provide minimum security measures to discourage crime in the premises and parking lot, as the store was located in an area known for high levels of criminal activity. The store employees provided testimony saying the store had temporarily hired armed security guards, which helped reduce robberies, but later removed the guards in an effort to save money. The store owners knew there was a risk of criminal activity and still failed to provide a safe environment for clients, leading to a robbery that caused the plaintiff of that case to sustain gunshot wounds.

If you have been injured after being the target of criminal activity on private property, reach out to the personal injury attorneys at The Scott Pryor Law Group. Call 678-325-3434 and request a consultation to discuss your case and see how we can help you get compensation for your damages.