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Augusta Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

While everyone should be able to expect that nursing home residents are safe and secure, the sad reality is nursing home abuse is a constant threat. There are many potential warning signs of abuse, including physical injuries, emotional withdrawal, and open fear.

If you believe your loved one in a Augusta nursing home has suffered abuse, your first step should be to ensure their safety. Following that, you could benefit from a discussion with an accomplished personal injury attorney experienced with nursing home abuse.

Lawsuits over nursing home abuse and neglect can be challenging—witnesses may not always understand that they have suffered abuse, and nursing homes have significant resources to fight back. A Augusta nursing home abuse lawyer could help you effectively pursue the compensation you deserve.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse Claims

There are five types of abuse around which a Augusta nursing home abuse attorney could center a civil claim:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Neglect

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is any physical force used to cause pain or injury to a nursing home resident. This category of abuse also includes unnecessary physical or chemical restraint, as well as a nursing home employee punching, slapping, grabbing, or choking a resident.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is unfortunately rampant in assisted living facilities. In many cases, nursing home residents lack the mental capacity to consent to a sexual act. Accordingly, this form of abuse includes any form of non-consensual sexual contact with a nursing home resident.

Emotional Abuse

Not all abuse in a nursing home results in physical injuries. Emotional abuse involves any words or actions that lead to fear, anguish, or emotional pain in a resident. These claims may result from a staff member shouting, yelling, or threatening a resident.

Financial Abuse

While Augusta nursing home residents have the right to maintain their own finances, many vulnerable seniors are victimized financially in nursing homes. This can include anything from theft to the unauthorized alteration of a will or estate plan.


Simply ignoring the needs of a nursing home resident can be one of the most severe forms of abuse. In some cases, neglect can lead to fatal injury or illness that would have been avoidable with sufficient care. Some cases of neglect are intentional, while others are related to a facility’s staffing issues.

Statute of Limitations in Augusta

All lawsuits filed in the state of Augusta must comply with the statute of limitations, which sets a legal deadline for the filing of a lawsuit. If a nursing home injury lawyer in Augusta files suit on behalf of the plaintiff after the statute expires, the court could bar the claim permanently. Under Georgia law, the statute of limitations expires two years from the date the injury or illness occurs. A dedicated nursing home abuse lawyer in Georgia could help an individual file a claim promptly.

Call a Augusta Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

Learning that your loved one suffered abuse at a nursing home can be extremely difficult. There is no excuse for abuse in a nursing facility, and an experienced injury attorney could help you hold the nursing home and their employees responsible for their actions.

Due to the statute of limitations, it is crucial to avoid delay in filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit. To move forward with your claim, contact a Augusta nursing home abuse lawyer right away.