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Sandy Springs Truck Accident Lawyer

The commercial truck drivers are bound by a duty to operate their vehicles safely. When they fail in this duty, the potential consequences could be severe. A careless tractor-trailer driver could cause a wreck that puts the lives of other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists in danger.

If you sustained injuries in a truck crash, you could have a viable claim for monetary compensation if you act quickly. A dedicated personal injury attorney could evaluate your case and inform you of your chances of success. Working closely with a Sandy Springs truck accident lawyer could lead to a successful personal injury claim.

Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks like 18-wheelers can result in vehicle collisions, just like any other automobile. However, because of the size and weight of semi-trucks, the consequences of these collisions can be far more severe. Truck accidents commonly occur due to the same violations of traffic laws that lead to any other crash, including:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to signal
  • Running a stop sign
  • Following too closely
  • Intoxicated driving

Other factors in a truck crash are less common with passenger vehicles. Cargo that is not packed in the trailer properly could shift during transit, increasing the chances of an operator losing control. Fatigue is also a common issue among truck drivers who may be awake and driving for an excessively long time. If a trucker violates the daily or weekly “hours of service” requirements, it could result in fatigue-related accidents. These hours of service requirements limit the amount of time a truck driver can operate their vehicle without taking a break.

There are other factors unique to commercial trucks, including weight issues and dangerous blind spots. Any of these factors could result in a crash when a truck driver is not careful. A Sandy Springs resident could pursue a lawsuit in any of these scenarios with the help of a truck accident attorney. Key evidence can be lost or forgotten in the aftermath of a trailer-rig crash, so moving quickly to let an attorney preserve this evidence is essential.

Available Compensation in a Truck Crash

Any motorist that suffered severe or permanent injuries in a truck accident could face a lifetime of medical treatment and therapy, and the costs that come with it. While this treatment can be physically taxing, the financial impact it can have on an injured driver could be significant.

The degree of medical treatment immediately following a crash, as well as in the future will depend on the severity of the injury. In some cases, a driver will heal from the cuts and broken bones with little intervention after an emergency room visit, but for more serious injuries, these medical needs could actually increase over time. A successful injury claim could recoup the cost of this treatment from the at-fault party.

There are other forms of compensation that could be available with the help of a Sandy Springs truck accident attorney. A successful claim could recover missed paychecks from the plaintiff’s time off work. If the injuries are so severe they impact future employment, a plaintiff could also pursue compensation for their future diminished earning capacity. Other forms of financial compensation include pain and suffering, mental anguish,  property damage, and death.

Speak with a Sandy Springs Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial truck accident can be stressful. This stress could be aggravated if you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in the crash. If the commercial truck accident occurred through no fault of your own, you might be entitled to monetary compensation from the truck driver or other responsible party.

Let a Sandy Springs truck accident lawyer assist you with your claim. Call right away to discuss your legal options and preserve essential evidence before it is too late.