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What to Do After a Gwinnett County Parking Lot Accident


Parking lot car wrecks are different from other accident in that parking lots are private property, meaning police officers are sometimes reluctant to write tickets. As a result, the fault is sometimes difficult to determine. Often, parking lot crashes end up in a he said/she said situation, so liability may be hard to establish.

If you have been involved in a collision in a garage, driveway, or parking lot, you may be confused about what next steps to take. With the assistance of a seasoned parking lot lawyer, you can protect your right to compensation and avoid certain common mistakes. An attorney could help delve into nuanced issues of liability, work to hold the responsible party accountable, and explain what to do after a Gwinnett County parking lot accident.

Gathering Evidence After a Parking Lot Collision

The response to a parking lot accident may differ from other collisions in that the business who owns the parking lot may get involved, and police may be reluctant to write tickets on private property. Sometimes they will leave the issue to the parties with their insurance carriers to sort out. The result can be a complicated mess of competing for liability.

Therefore, it is critical after parking lot wrecks to retain an attorney who can obtain video footage, identify and interview witnesses, and gather all the evidence that can to help determine liability and damages before the evidence is destroyed. Strong, clear evidence could help establish a successful claim after an otherwise vague or confusing accident. Gathering evidence is a key component of what to do after a Peachtree Corners parking lot accident.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will often try to downplay and not take responsibility for the bodily injuries caused by parking lot accidents. Insurers may insist that the parking lot accident occurred at low speed, meaning there is less damage and less injury, or they may argue that the lack of a police report makes it impossible to determine which participant was liable.

In reality, parking lot accidents are often the result of clear negligence, and the resulting personal injury cases are just as valid as ones based on a highway or intersection collision. An attorney could defend one’s right to compensation during negotiations with an insurance company and work to ensure that an injured driver is not left to cover their own expenses.

Contributory negligence may also play a role in Gwinnett County parking lot accident cases. If a person is in a parking lot either as a pedestrian or as a driver, they have a duty to be aware of their surroundings. They must drive in a safe manner and obey all relevant state laws. It is critical to be safe and pay attention because if a person is distracted, they can contribute to the negligence of that wreck.

Hiring the Right Accident Attorney

When hiring an attorney to represent you in a parking lot accident injury case, you should look for somebody who is experienced in these types of cases and someone who is aggressive and on top of the collection of the evidence. A parking lot accident lawyer could aggressively fight for your right to compensation and stand up to the insurance company. Reach out today to schedule a consultation with an attorney and learn more about what to do after a Gwinnett County parking lot accident.

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