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Atlanta Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycling is an exercise beloved by many across the world. Unfortunately, sharing the road with motorists has inherent risks. If you suffered injuries from a bicycle accident, you might be wondering how to pursue your legal recovery. Filing insurance claims, negotiating settlements, and ascertaining your rights could all be challenging hurdles to finding relief. An Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer could help guide you through the legal process and hold negligent drivers accountable. Reach out to a seasoned personal injury attorney today.

Establishing Negligence in a Bicycle Accident Case

All bicyclists and drivers are required to operate as reasonably prudent persons would under the circumstances. This is known as the duty of care. If someone were to breach this duty of care and cause a bicycle crash in Atlanta, they could be liable for negligence. Negligence holds people liable for committing wrongful acts unintentionally by acting carelessly or recklessly.

Laws and regulations have been enacted by the state to help ensure the safety of their bicyclists and drivers. Failing to adhere to traffic laws, though they might invoke criminal liability to the state, could also be evidence of a breach of duty. Georgia Code §40-6-291 states that all provisions that apply to vehicles also apply to bicycles. Therefore, bicyclists are subject to obey the same traffic laws as drivers, unless expressly stated otherwise by law. Georgia Code §40-6-294 states that bicyclists must ride as near to the right side of the road as possible, except when turning left, avoiding hazards, when the road is too narrow, or when passing a standing vehicle.

Potential Limits on Recovery for Bicycle Accident Injuries in Atlanta

Bicycle accident plaintiffs in Atlanta may seek economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages might include out-of-pocket expenses, lost earnings, or medical expenses that were incurred as a result of the injury. Noneconomic damages encompass emotional and mental losses such as pain and suffering and emotional distress related to the injury.

If a plaintiff is seeking damages in court, they are required to file their case within the statute of limitations. A statute of limitations is a time limit placed on causes of actions. After the period established by the limitations passes, a plaintiff loses their right to pursue litigation based on the cause of action. Plaintiffs filing a bicycle accident case in Atlanta must file within two years of suffering their injury. A bicycle accident lawyer could work to ensure that a claim is filed promptly and within all time restrictions.

Consult An Atlanta Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Receiving just compensation for your injuries after a bike accident could be crucial for your financial health. Unfortunately, it could difficult to balance your personal life, career, and legal recovery efforts all at once while recovering from a crash. An Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer could help take on the load. An attorney could take a look into your case and help you determine your next steps. To learn more about your options, call now for a consultation.