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$4,500,000 Trucking AccidentVerdicts/Settlements
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Scott continues to fight David-and-Goliath cases for people of all walks of life—everyone deserves their health and a limitless future.

Where Scott differs from so many others, however, is in his motivation; he genuinely cares for his clients and consistently seeks solutions that fulfill their goals. He will listen to your concerns and be your advocate.


$14 Million – Product Liability

$1,250,000– Pedestrian hit by car

$1,000,000 – Car Wreck in Florida

$1,000,000 – Trucking wreck in Georgia

$1,000,000 – Trucking wreck in Georgia

$1,250,000 – Wrongful Death Auto Wreck all policies collected

$1,000,000 – Truck Wreck

$775,000 – Rideshare (Uber/Lyft) Accident

$900,000 – Pedestrian in crosswalk

$750,000 – Trucking Improper left turn (I think this is mistakenly on the website already as only $75,000 – Question: Do we want those lower settlements listed?)

$750,000 – Trucking rear end

$715,000 – Slip & Fall

$730,000 – Auto Accident

$4,500,000 Million Settlement – Trucking (Miller v. Rodriguez, Greenville, SC)
highest verdict or settlement for case of this kind in greenville county, SOUTH CAROLINA

$3,800,000 Million Judgment – Bad Faith Case

$1,200,000 Million Settlement – Car Wreck

$1,000,000 Million Settlement – Child Injured in a Crosswalk

$76,500 Thousand Settlement – Slip and Fall

$1,000,000 Million Settlement – Trucking Case Improper Left Turn

$75,000 Thousand Settlement – Truck Wreck Case Improper Left Turn

$75,000 Thousand Recovery – Trucking

$71,500 Thousand Recovery – Unsafe Premises (v. Large Retailer)

Confidential Settlement – Royalty Dispute Confidential Settlement (Moore v. AFTRA, Federal Court)