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Georgia Product Liability Lawyer

A faulty construction machine that destroys your property, undisclosed side effects in over-the-counter medication, a poorly designed toy that breaks in your child’s hands and causes injury or even uncooked food that causes severe illness – all of these could be a potential case for a products liability claim and should be addressed with the help of a Georgia product liability lawyer.

Filing a Product Liability Claim

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that any product they put into a consumer’s hand is safe.  If one of these products causes injury to a person or property damage due to the manufacturer’s negligence, you may have a products liability case on your hands and should consult with aGeorgia product liability lawyer. In Georgia, there are three things you need to prove in order to have a viable case:

  • That the defendant was the manufacturer of the product in question
  • That the product was defective when it left the control of the manufacturer
  • The defective condition of the product caused the injury or damage

Hiring a Georgia Product Liability Lawyer

There are time limitations to products liability cases – so if you believe that you have suffered an injury or damage to your property due to a manufacturer’s defective product, contact The Scott Pryor Law Group as soon as possible.  Our Georgia product liability lawyer can review your case and walk you through the process.