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Personal Injury Protection in Gwinnett County

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Because Georgia requires motorists to have insurance, some people resort to using personal injury protection (PIP) plan to supplement their existing insurance. Personal injury protection in Gwinnett County is useful because it allows drivers to receive medical coverage regardless of the fault and circumstances surrounding their accident.

To learn more about how PIP coverage could aid you in the future, or if you were denied coverage by a dishonest insurance adjuster, reach out to an experienced car accident lawyer today.

Personal Injury Protection in Peachtree Corner

In Georgia, every driver is required to carry car insurance. That car insurance protects the other driver of the vehicle. In other words, if an individual gets in a wreck and they hurt somebody, their car insurance is supposed to protect the person they hurt.

The problem is that Georgia does not require uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist coverage, and the problem with that is if somebody hurts them and they do not have uninsured motorist coverage, and they are not insured, all their medical bills and other costs comes out of their pocket.

Full coverage is more of a myth offered by insurance companies. There is no such thing. Medical bills and personal injury loss could always exceed what is covered by an insurance policy plan.

In that case, people need to also get an umbrella policy for as much as they are able to afford. These policies are not cheap, and people need to make sure that that umbrella policy covers both themselves and others. People also need to protect themselves and make sure they have uninsured motorist coverage for themselves, their family, and anyone who is riding in their car. Most people are unaware if they have it or do not have it.

How PIP Coverage Impacts a Car Accident Case in Gwinnett County

What some people call PIP, in Georgia, Peachtree Corner, and all of Gwinnett County, they call medical payments coverage. It is simply a line item. That is coverage that an individual carries on their own policy and affects whoever is in their car, so if they get in a car wreck, and even if it is their fault, and they or a passenger is hurt, they are able to use their own insurance to pay for their medical bills and the bills of whoever is in their vehicle.

Medical payment coverage does not leave the vehicle that the policy is covered under, so the driver of the vehicle, or whoever is insuring the vehicle, has to have medical payments coverage on their policy in order for it to apply. Attorneys advise people to carry as much medical payment coverage as they are able because it is a huge blessing when they are involved in a wreck and they get hurt. With personal injury protection coverage in Gwinnett County, the fault would become irrelevant and they would still be covered.

However, one caveat to that coverage and one thing to note is the new trend that attorneys are finding with insurance companies over the last couple of years. Medical payments coverage, or PIP, is typically automatic. Typically people go to the hospital, they get bills paid, and the insurance will reimburse them. But what attorneys are finding is that insurance companies are now denying they need the treatment or just refusing to pay on the policy.

This is a less-than-savory practice. That medical coverage is something insured people pay for, something they deserve. But what is being seen over and over again nowadays is insurance companies are simply denying and refusing to pay. So, attorneys literally have to file suit on the medical payments.

Despite these shady practices, people should still carry this type of coverage and hire a lawyer when insurance companies resort to these underhanded practices.

Misconceptions About PIP

One misconception may be that if the other driver, meaning the at-fault driver, has medical payments coverage, it would automatically cover the driver they injured. That is not the case. Medical payments coverage in Peachtree Corner would have to specifically apply to the injured victim, and typically, it does not.

Speak to a Dedicated Legal Professional Today

Personal injury protection in Gwinnett County, and in the surrounding Peachtree Corner area, cannot be undervalued as anything other than useful. This personal injury protection allows you to receive coverage for medical treatment, regardless of the fault in your accident. However, insurance companies sometimes resort to denials of coverage with less-than-true claims. If you were recently hurt, denied coverage, and wish to hold insurance companies responsible for the coverage you pay for, choose to work with a lawyer. Time is crucial, so call a lawyer today.

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