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Cobb County Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses and other large commercial vehicles play a significant role in the way Georgians travel each day. In Cobb County, many residents rely on buses to get to work, a substantial number of students arrive at school each morning by bus as well. Given how common these massive vehicles are, it is no surprise that they are frequently involved in collisions with other drivers.

If you suffered an injury in a bus accident through no fault of your own, a Cobb County bus accident lawyer could help. You have the right to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties, and your attorney could work to collect the financial compensation you need to make things right.

Negotiating a Settlement with the Insurance Company

Whether publicly or privately owned, all buses are required to maintain liability insurance in the case of a collision. That does not mean, however, that it will be easy to obtain a settlement check. Insurers make their money by fighting against claims they rightfully owe, but often a Cobb County bus accident attorney will have the opportunity to negotiate with an insurer to obtain a fair settlement offer.

It is not uncommon for an insurance company to make an offer early in the case, but this offer is often for only a fraction of what the claim is worth. An experienced attorney could work to push the insurance company to come back with a serious offer.

The Bus Accident Lawsuit Process

A bus accident lawsuit could involve devastating injuries and enormous property damage. Moreover, given the size of a bus and the number of potential passengers, it is conceivable a bus accident will involve far more injured parties than a typical passenger vehicle collision. As a result, these cases may become more nuanced than other personal injury claims, and a settlement may be difficult or impossible to reach. In such cases, the claim moves to litigation and eventual trial.

Filing Suit

The first step in a bus accident lawsuit is to file the case in court. Time is of the essence, as there is a limited window of time in which an injury suit may be filed. In Georgia, plaintiffs generally have two years from the date of the original accident to file a claim, although this window may be smaller when the defendant is a county or municipality.

Discovery and Motions

Discovery is the legal process in which both parties share their evidence with the other side. This process is designed to streamline the trial and allow for each side to familiarize themselves with the evidence.  At this point in the case, the court will typically entertain motions as well. Motions can involve anything from determining what evidence is available at trial, to potentially dismissing the case altogether.

The Trial

In the end, a Cobb County jury will determine the negligent party responsible for a bus accident at trial. Once the jury hears the evidence from both sides, it will be their duty to render a verdict and assess relevant damages.

Reach Out to a Cobb County Bus Accident Attorney Today

While the process of filing a lawsuit related to your bus accident injuries may seem daunting, it could be easier to manage with the help of a Cobb County bus accident lawyer. An attorney could collect evidence, handle settlement negotiations, and move the case through litigation to a possible trial. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn about your legal options