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Atlanta Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

When a tailgating accident involves vehicles traveling at high speeds, the injuries can be traumatic and life-altering. Still, even low-speed collisions have the potential to result in severe neck or head trauma. An Atlanta rear-end car accident lawyer could evaluate a person’s injury claim and help them compensation from the at-fault driver.

If injuries stemming from a rear-end crash have left you with medical debt and rehabilitating injuries, a practiced car wreck attorney could help. Putting your life back together after an accident can be challenging, but monetary recovery from a successful claim could help ease your financial strain.

Common Injuries in a Rear-End Crash

Injuries in a rear-end collision may differ from other types of accidents. When one vehicle forcefully collides with the back of another, the driver in front may sustain substantial damage to their head and neck. When the neck is hyperextended, it can lead to injury of the soft tissue known as whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the head snaps backward and then forwards rapidly.

Soft tissue injuries in the neck can be painful and long-lasting, as some cases can take months or longer to recover. In severe cases, the impact could cause bones in the neck to fracture and break. Some other injuries common with rear-end collisions may include:

The cost of treating these injuries can lead to financial strain for many people. An Atlanta lawyer could assist a driver injured in a rear-end car accident recover compensation for these losses.

Who is Liable in Tailgating Accidents?

Finding the cause of a crash is central to an injury claim. In many cases, rear-end accidents result from a distracted driver. In other instances, these crashes can stem from careless or intoxicated drivers. There is a common belief that the following driver is always at fault in a rear-end crash.

Motorists owe a duty to other drivers to watch the road in front of them. Because of this duty, the following driver is ultimately responsible for avoiding collisions with hazards in front of them. When these drivers fail to keep a reasonable distance or become distracted, they can cause severe crashes. In these situations, the following motorist could face liability for the injuries of the other driver.

However, there are situations in which the motorist in front could be responsible. Therefore, a plaintiff should never assume that they will prevail on these claims. Still, with the right legal counsel, obtaining a positive outcome could be possible. An Atlanta attorney could assess a rear-end accident case and identify the best legal strategy for that particular situation.

Reach out to an Atlanta Rear-End Car Accident Attorney

After a tailgating accident, you could have substantial injuries to address. By working with an Atlanta rear-end car accident lawyer, you could seek compensation for these injuries from the responsible driver.

The right attorney could carefully review your case, making a note of your injuries and your potential damages. For an in-depth review of your claim, schedule an initial consultation today.