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Athens Car Accident Lawyer

If you suffered bodily injuries in a car wreck, you may have to deal with more than just the physical impact of the crash. The financial ramifications of an accident can include medical bills, lost wages, and long-term disability costs. If another driver was at fault, however, you could seek compensation from them for the losses related to your accident.

goal-oriented personal injury attorney could assist you in pursuit of fair financial compensation. After reviewing the specifics of your crash, an Athens car accident lawyer could help you prepare a lawsuit and walk you through the litigation process.

Common Injuries in a Car Accident

Car accidents frequently cause devastating injuries. In some cases, these injuries could alter the course of a person’s life permanently. An Athens attorney could advise a person injured in a car accident if they might be entitled to compensation.

Some common car accident injuries include:

  • Concussions and other brain injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Tendon and ligament damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Cuts and bruises

In some cases, extensive medical treatment and therapy could result in these injuries healing completely. In others, the injury victim is not so lucky. Certain injuries could leave permanent scars or physical limitations, including blindness or paralysis.

Serious injuries could stop a person from returning to the job they had before the crash, and in especially severe cases, an individual may be unable to meet their daily needs. A successful injury claim could provide compensation to pay for these unexpected needs arising from the accident.

Determining Fault in a Car Crash Claim

For a plaintiff to prevail in a car accident case, the jury must first make a finding of fault against the other driver. Another term for this is negligence. An attorney for an Athens resident injured in a car accident must demonstrate the elements of negligence in order to recover damages.

Negligence in a car accident could take many different forms. Often, it involves a careless or reckless action by another driver. The other driver in a crash is not the only potential cause, however. A plaintiff could also pursue damages against the car manufacturer if a mechanical defect caused the wreck. The same could be true of the government entity responsible for the roadway if it was in an unsafe condition.

Proving negligence starts with establishing a duty of care. Every driver on an Athens street owes a duty to operate their vehicle safely. Next, establishing negligence requires evidence the defendant failed to uphold that duty. This could involve violating traffic laws or simply operating a vehicle carelessly.

The final two elements are known as causation and damages. These elements are often lumped together, as they are related to a degree. To recover compensation, a plaintiff in an Athens car accident case or their attorney must show they suffered recoverable damages in the crash. To hold the defendant responsible, the victim must show that the defendant’s breach of duty caused their damages.

Speak with an Athens Car Accident Attorney

If you suffered debilitating injuries in a car accident, you might be unsure where to turn next. The financial burden of living with a serious injury can overwhelm you quickly, and the emotional toll can last long after your physical wounds heal.

An Athens car accident lawyer can help you deal with the fallout from a crash by pursuing legal action against the responsible party. Call right away to discuss your options in detail.