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Augusta Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Countless lives have been saved, improved, and extended thanks to modern medicine. Unfortunately, many people suffer serious illnesses and injuries because of taking medications with side effects that have not been properly disclosed.

If either you or a loved one has been harmed by a prescription or over-the-counter medication, consider speaking with an Augusta dangerous drugs lawyer. You have the legal right to pursue compensation for the pain you or a loved one had to endure. A qualified personal injury attorney could help you hold those responsible accountable.

Grounds for Drug Maker Liability

Dangerous drug cases are highly fact-specific, with each plaintiff having suffered unique harm. A dangerous drug claim for damages will likely seek to establish liability based on one of the following legal theories:

Manufacturing Defects

A plaintiff – with the help of an Augusta dangerous drugs attorney – could potentially base their claim on an assertion that a drug they took was improperly manufactured or tainted in some way. The occurrence of a mistake at any point in the manufacturing or distribution chain could give rise to finding the drug manufacturers liable.

Dangerous Side Effects

A pharmaceutical may be manufactured as intended but later found to produce harmful side effects. This is often the case with drugs that reveal dangerous side effects only after long-term use. A drug manufacturer that actively conceals information about dangerous side effects could be sued for damages.

Improper Marketing

A dangerous drugs lawyer in Augusta may attempt to establish drug maker liability by showing defects in the way a drug was marketed to the public. For example, the lack of proper instructions, warnings, and recommendations could be grounds for a legal claim.

Some of these claims could potentially be combined. For instance, a claim based on dangerous side effects goes along with a failure to warn of those side effects.

Potential Plaintiffs

One of the unique aspects of pharmaceutical litigation is the possibility of pursuing damages against multiple defendants. Any organization or person in the chain of distribution could potentially face legal consequences if a dangerous drug causes harm.

Manufacturers of dangerous drugs could be held legally liable for any harm their products cause. A drug must be passed through one or more testing laboratories before being made available to the public, and drug manufacturers are required to disclose any potential side effects. However, should it be found they did not disclose potential side effects to either the FDA or the public, this could be grounds for a legal claim. A hazardous drug attorney could help an Augusta plaintiff hold the drug makers responsible.

A doctor who doesn’t adequately instruct a patient on how to use a drug or warn of the drug’s side effects could also potentially be a defendant. Additionally, a medical professional could be held responsible for injuries if he or she prescribes the incorrect medicine. Similarly, a pharmacy could be held liable if it dispensed the wrong medication or dispensed the right medication in the wrong amount.

Contact an Augusta Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today

Dangerous medications have the potential to cause serious harm – such as elevating the risk of heart attack, producing blood clots, or instigating cardiac arrest. Drug manufacturers are responsible for disclosing all potential side effects of their medication. Additionally, doctors and pharmacists are responsible for prescribing the correct type and quantity of a drug. If a medication caused harm to you or a family member, contact an Augusta dangerous drugs lawyer for information about your legal options.