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Augusta Premises Liability Lawyer

A casual walk downtown or a brief trip to the grocery store could result in a significant injury if the property owner failed to maintain safe premises. If you sustained an injury due to a hazard on another person’s property, a skilled injury attorney could help you file a lawsuit and pursue damages related to your injury.

To prevail at trial, you must show the property owner failed to take reasonable steps to make their property safe. The laws regarding premises liability are complex, so you could benefit from the guidance of an experienced Augusta premises liability lawyer.

When an Augusta Property Owner Faces Liability

Every state holds the owners or managers of the property responsible for maintaining their premises in a safe condition. However, the specific applicable requirements can differ greatly across state lines. While many jurisdictions rely on common law to hold careless property owners accountable for injuries that occur on their premises, Georgia law addresses the issue directly.

Official Code of Georgia §51-3-1 applies to both owners and occupiers of land. According to this statute, a property owner must exercise ordinary care to maintain their premises and keep them safe for lawful visitors.

A property owner owes this duty to any person they invite or lead to the property, whether they have an express or implied invitation. An Augusta premises liability attorney could assist a person injured by a property owner’s negligence if they can establish the individual was invited or induced onto the property for a lawful purpose.

Damages Available in an Augusta Premises Liability Lawsuit

Premises liability claims frequently result from a severe fall or other injury related to a major hazard. The cost of treatment and the physical and emotional impact following a serious injury can be high, but with the help of a qualified property liability lawyer, an injury victim in Augusta may be able to pursue monetary damages for their injuries.

The damages available in a premises liability claim can typically be divided into two categories: economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages include tangible losses like lost wages or emergency room bills.

Non-economic damages are different, in that there is no set value that a legal professional could establish with evidence. Ultimately, a court would determine the value of non-economic damages like loss of consortium or pain and suffering.

While the state legislature has made attempts to limit the amount of damages available in an injury lawsuit, a 2005 Georgia Supreme Court ruling struck those limits down. As a result, there are no caps on the damages available to an injury victim.

Other common examples of damages in a premises liability lawsuit include:

  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Long-term disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Loss of companionship

Contact an Augusta Premises Liability Attorney Right Away

If you suffer an injury on the property of another person, you could find yourself suffering from serious physical and mental pain, as well as new financial burdens. If these injuries were due to another person’s negligence, they could be held liable. To hold a property owner accountable for your injuries, call an Augusta premises liability lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.