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Gwinnett County Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

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If a motorcycle has a faulty part, a biker could be at risk of serious harm. Manufacturers are responsible for checking for motorcycle defects and recalling them if the defects are hazardous.

If you believe a faulty part caused your motorbike wreck, you should reach out to an experienced injury attorney. A Gwinnett County lawyer could determine if a motorcycle defect caused your crash and explain how a recall could impact a claim.

What is the Difference Between a Motorcycle Defect and a Recall?

Defects and recalls in Gwinnett County are often determinative of the motorcycle’s manufacturing versus its individual parts. The difference between defects and recalls typically lies with whoever is responsible for that recall or defect, if they find out about it, and if they make the purchasers aware of it.

If a part of a motorcycle is defective, the manufacturing company that crafted that part could recall it. However, if the company manufactures entire motorcycles, like Honda, with a defective part, the manufacturer could recall the bikes themselves because of the defect and attempt to fix it.

Common causes of motorcycle recalls include defective tires, brakes, shocks, train parts, or engine parts. A tire may be recalled because it could be dangerous if it blows out, and engine part recalls could be initiated if the defective part could cause the motor to fail.

Pulling out in traffic on a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous if any part of the motorcycle is defective and can alter the mechanics of the motorcycle as the rider maneuvers it. A motorcycle with a defective part can cause a serious accident that could lead to death or catastrophic injury.

Recalls Affect on Liability

The faulty part of the model could harm the integrity of the motorcycle, which can put a biker at risk of severe injuries. A defective part or recalled model could result in a motorcycle that turns off in the middle of a turn, brakes that do not work, or a tire that blows out, all of which can lead to serious accidents in Gwinnett County.

Faulty parts or a recalled bike can complicate a personal injury claim because there may be several parties who are at fault for the accident. Manufacturer liability can be assessed by determining whether they found out about the defect, and if so, whether they notified purchasers, their agents, dealers, and the public about it.

Motorcycle manufacturers could be liable for damages if there is a defect, and they do not attempt to fix it or warn the public. A motorcyclist might suffer catastrophic injuries that could have been avoided if the manufacturer properly notified the public of the recall or defect, took action to fix it, and prevented anything further from happening.

An injured motorcyclist might be blamed for their motorcycle’s defect if they knew about the recall and did not take their motorcycle in to be serviced. If a motorcyclist was aware of a recall or defect and did nothing to fix the issue, an argument for contributory negligence could be made by the defense. This could significantly diminish an injured biker’s recovery claim.

Compensation for Defective Motorcycles

A biker could suffer catastrophic injuries or potentially die if they are unaware of existing defects or recalls on their motorcycle. In the event of an accident, the manufacturer could be responsible for compensating the injured biker’s damages.

An injured party can only receive compensation following a motorcycle recall or defect if the manufacturer is found liable for the injuries based on a jury’s determination of the value of those losses. Alternatively, the injured party, insurance company, and manufacturer could agree on that value and settle it.

An Attorney Could Explain Gwinnett County Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

Motorcyclists who are operating bikes with faulty parts are endangering themselves and others on the road. If they are unaware of the defects and involved in a collision, the motorbike or part manufacturer may be responsible for compensating their damages.

An attorney could explain how Gwinnett County motorcycle defects and recalls could affect your claim if you believe a faulty part caused your motorbike wreck. Schedule your initial consultation now.

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