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Mistakes to Avoid After a Gwinnett County Truck Accident

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Unfortunately, errors in judgment could prevent a person harmed in a collision with a truck from being successful in a civil claim. Understanding what mistakes to avoid after a Gwinnett County truck accident could help you recover the compensation you deserve. A well-practiced attorney could help you and your loved one avoid these errors and guide you through the litigation process.

Why is Refusing Medical Treatment Following a Truck Crash Bad?

If someone refuses immediate medical attention after a truck accident, an insurance company could claim that the injured driver must not be hurt badly enough to deserve all the damages they may otherwise be entitled to. To avoid inadvertently strengthening the insurance company’s case and ensure that one did not sustain any latent injuries, drivers should not decline medical attention at the scene of an accident.

Non-compliance with doctors or treatment can damage an injured driver’s case. By not complying with a doctor’s orders or following up with medical treatment after a truck accident in Gwinnett County, an insurance company could argue that the driver is not injured.

After being injured in an accident, some people might not seek medical treatment because they do not think they are seriously harmed or they do not have enough money to pay medical bills. However, with the help of a lawyer in Peachtree Corners, an injured claimant could avoid making this mistake and strengthen their chances of holding the truck driver accountable.

Should a Claimant Speak with the Negligent Trucker’s Insurance Company?

People might make the mistake of communicating with an insurance company after an accident if they are not familiar with the claim process or if they believe that an insurance company is on their side. Mistakes made when speaking with an insurance company could greatly reduce a claimant’s recovery after a truck wreck.

Recorded Statements

Insurers often attempt to get claimants to admit fault or downplay their injuries in recorded statements. An experienced attorney could provide the guidance and negotiating skills necessary to communicate with insurance teams efficiently.

Issuing a Check

The at-fault driver’s insurance company may issue a check to the injured person that is substantially lower than the value of the claim. If the injured party chooses to cash the check, they must sign a release absolving the insurance company of any further responsibility. However, a dedicated attorney in Gwinnett County could help a claimant avoid unfair restitution by ensuring they receive the damages they are entitled to so that they can fully recover from the truck crash.

Failing to Get a Truck Wreck Attorney

Not contacting an attorney after a truck accident in Gwinnett County is a mistake that could result in a claimant losing relevant data and evidence. A skilled truck collision attorney could preserve evidence, expertly communicate with trucking and insurance companies, and begin to build a case for the injured driver immediately after an accident.

Attorneys could also help injured drivers navigate the initial aftermath of truck accidents by encouraging them to seek immediate medical care, enlisting the assistance of accident reconstructionists to preserve evidence from the scene, and sending spoliation letters to ensure that all evidence is preserved.

Hire a Gwinnett County Attorney to Help You Avoid Mistakes

The biggest mistakes that people tend to make after being involved in a truck crash are not seeking medical attention, speaking with the other driver’s insurance company, and failing to contact an attorney. Knowing what mistakes to avoid after a Gwinnett County truck accident could help you be successful in your recovery. Call now and schedule your first consultation to begin protecting your future.

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