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Filing a Car Accident Claim in Gwinnett County

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Many drivers who are injured following an accident understand that they have a right to pursue compensation, but are unsure of what specific steps to take. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, however, a complainant could hold insurance companies accountable and demand the damaged that they deserve for the injuries. For help filing a car accident claim in Gwinnett County, reach out to a car wreck lawyer today and schedule a free consultation.

Process of Filing a Car Wreck Case

The car accident case process begins when someone files a claim with the insurance company. Once the complainant is released from care, an attorney could put together a  comprehensive demand package that includes the extent of losses that the plaintiff experienced as a result of their injuries, as well as the specific damages that the plaintiff is seeking: medical bills, prescription receipts, lost wages, pain and suffering, post-traumatic stress, mental pain and suffering, and more.

As part of the filing process, an attorney will likely strive to include as much information as possible about the defendant’s damages. The more documentation and evidence, the more seriously a defendant will take the demands.

Secondly, an attorney will make sure they file suit in the correct county. Sometimes, there are multiple counties to file in, so attorneys want to make sure that they file in a county that is more favorable to their plaintiff if they have a choice. A car accident attorney could research the juries in that county and the decision history to foresee pitfalls for their plaintiff. Then, the attorney must make sure that their filings comply with the rules of civil procedure and the applicable laws in that county.

Plaintiff’s Role

Typically, attorneys inform the client of what they are doing and what is happening but handle the actual legal work themselves. Attorneys do not want their clients to try to file claims on their own, consult experts independently, or negotiate with the defendant without legal representation.

Not only is an experienced car accident lawyer more prepared to handle the legal complications of a case than the plaintiff themselves, but an attorney may also want to ease the plaintiff’s personal burden. A lawyer could allow an injured driver to focus on their physical recovery while someone else handles the legal aspects of their claim.

Settling a Claim

Wherever a case may be in the litigation process, both sides always have the ability to reach a settlement.  Even in the middle of a trial, the plaintiff and defendant may be able to settle outside of court. Often, attorneys may file suit against a defendant to force them to the negotiating table and bring about a potential settlement.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to accept a defendant’s settlement offer is the plaintiff’s, not their attorney’s. A car accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could offer advice about whether a particular offer is fair or unfair, but the ultimate decision rests with the plaintiff.

Hiring a Lawyer to File a Car Accident Claim in Gwinnett County

If you are interested in filing a car accident claim in Gwinnett County, contacting an attorney may be an essential first step. A lawyer could build a comprehensive demand package, force insurance companies to the negotiating table, and fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Reach out today to learn more.

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