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Common Pedestrian Accidents in Gwinnett County

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Peachtree Corners has a fair amount of construction and traffic checkpoints, making the area’s geography and road crossings unique. While a serious pedestrian accident can occur for nearly any reason in Gwinnett County, some scenarios are more common than others. A skilled injury attorney could help injured individuals determine if they have grounds for a civil claim against the at-fault party.

Crashes Involving Child Pedestrians

Children are involved in pedestrian wrecks in Gwinnett County more frequently than many people realize. Depending on the maturity level of the child, they may not be as attentive to their surroundings as adults. Many children walk to school and play outside in their neighborhoods, putting them at greater risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident simply because they are outside and near streets more frequently.

What are Other Risk Factors for Pedestrian Accidents?

Certain locations and behaviors also increase an individual’s risk of being struck by a negligent motorist. Crosswalks, parking lots, intersections, and bus stops are common locations where pedestrian accidents occur in Gwinnett County.


Pedestrians on crosswalks have the right of way. Some crosswalks have been designated as giving pedestrians the right of way at all times, and drivers who hit pedestrians at such crosswalks will always be at fault. However, the pedestrian may be partially responsible if they did not wait for the walk signal.

Parking Lots

Pedestrian accidents in Gwinnett County that involve cars backing up often occur at shopping areas and malls. Vehicles often collide with people in parking lots because pedestrians may be walking in drivers’ blind spots. Vehicles backing up can be dangerous for pedestrians, making it of critical importance for pedestrians and drivers alike to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings.

Children can also be involved in pedestrian accidents in open spaces or lots as they walk across the entrances of subdivisions, which can increase their likelihood of being involved in an accident. Drivers being rushed or distracted is one of the primary causes of pedestrian accidents that involve cars exiting parking lots.


Pedestrian accidents frequently occur as cars turn right at a red traffic light because drivers turning may be watching traffic coming from the opposite direction of the pedestrian. A pedestrian could be preparing to cross the street at the same corner as a driver, but the driver might not see them. People traveling on foot should make eye contact with drivers to ensure that they are seen.

Why are Bus Stops Dangerous for Pedestrians?

Pedestrian accidents involving buses are common occurrences in Gwinnett County. Gwinnett is rapidly expanding, and with that, there are often public buses and school buses on the roads. Having more buses on the roads increases the chances of pedestrians being hurt by them, whether they are daycare buses, public transit buses, or buses for after-school programs.

A Lawyer Could Explain Common Pedestrian Accidents in Gwinnett County

Any situation that makes a person traveling on foot less visible to drivers puts them at risk of harm. Knowing the common pedestrian accidents in Gwinnett County could help you take proactive steps to avoid a collision.

If you wish to learn more about how to be safe as a pedestrian or have recently been struck by a motorist while out walking, speak with a knowledgeable attorney right away. A lawyer could guide you on the best steps to take.

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