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Cobb County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

For the most part, prescription and over-the-counter drugs are beneficial to those that take them. Unfortunately, some drugs have defects or side effects that can seriously harm an unsuspecting patient. If you have taken a prescription or over-the-counter drug and faced dangerous side effects, you may have a claim for damages and should reach out to a seasoned personal injury attorney. Contact a Cobb County dangerous drugs lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Types of Drugs That Are Potentially Dangerous

While the effects of certain dangerous drugs can vary, there are several categories of dangerous drugs with a history of severe side effects. These drugs include:

  • Drugs that lower cholesterol – Some cholesterol-lowering drugs are believed to potentially cause kidney failure or even death
  • Diabetic medication – Many drugs intended to lower blood sugar among people with diabetes have links to liver, heart, and kidney failure
  • Anti-depressants – Some drugs in this category have links to liver damage
  • Antipsychotics – Studies have linked specific antipsychotic drugs to diabetes and hyperglycemia.

While these drugs are common subjects of litigation, any number of other medications may cause complications.

Establishing Liability Against a Drug Manufacturer

No two people react exactly the same way to a specific dangerous drug. The unique reactions each person has to a particular medication can make dangerous drugs lawsuit challenging. An experienced Cobb County dangerous drugs attorney may be able to highlight the specific cause of an adverse reaction and hold the responsible party accountable.

Common causes of drug injuries include:

  • Negligence in the design of the drug
  • Negligence in the manufacturing of the drug
  • Deceptive marketing practices
  • Failure to properly test the drug
  • Breach of Georgia consumer protection laws

By thoroughly investigating the path a drug took from its inception to the marketplace, a dangerous drugs lawyer in Cobb County may be able to pinpoint the action that led to the injury in question.

Other Potentially Responsible Entities

While most attention regarding dangerous drug lawsuits is focused on the manufacturer, there are other potentially responsible entities as well. These parties include:


Some medical injuries involve a doctor prescribing a perfectly safe drug in an unsafe way. This can include carelessly prescribing a drug that is not appropriate for a patient or is otherwise incompatible with another medication the patient is taking. In other situations, some doctors have been caught intentionally prescribing unnecessary medication like opioids.


Even when a doctor prescribes a drug appropriately, it is possible that a mistake by the pharmacist could result in a complication. Pharmacists are required to instruct a patient on taking the medication and warn them of any known potential side effects. If a pharmacist fails in that duty, they could face liability in a Cobb County dangerous drug lawsuit.

Receive Help from a Cobb County Dangerous Drugs Attorney

In many cases, the faith a patient puts in a doctor, pharmacist, or drug manufacturer is well-founded, but when those entities breach their duty to protect the health of a patient, it can have devastating effects. You deserve accountability for the medications your doctor prescribes you. If you suffered an injury due to a dangerous drug, contact a Cobb County dangerous drugs lawyer to learn about your options.