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Cobb County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

After a lifetime of hard work, your elderly loved ones deserve the safety and care they can no longer sustain on their own. Unfortunately, some Cobb County nursing facilities face issues like improper training and understaffing, which could, in turn, lead to your loved one suffering neglect or abuse.

Your loved ones have rights. Contact a Cobb County nursing home abuse lawyer to learn how to hold negligent assisted living facilities accountable and pursue financial compensation. A skilled personal injury attorney can review your case today.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

It is not always easy to detect the signs of abuse or neglect in a nursing home. Some signs are subtle, and some forms of abuse and neglect may leave no noticeable evidence of mistreatment. Still, certain common factors serve as red flags for potential abuse. A discussion with a Cobb County nursing home abuse attorney may provide useful insight into discovering signs of abuse or neglect. Generally speaking, warning signs include:


A bedsore is one of the most common signs of negligence or abuse. These wounds stem from an older adult sitting or lying in the same position for too long. Without proper care, bedsores can be a lingering, painful consequence of abuse.

Rapid Weight Loss

A significant change in the appetite of a nursing home patient is not in and of itself uncommon. However, rapid weight loss can also be a sign that something is wrong. In some cases, an understaffed facility may fail to notice that a patient is no longer eating. In other cases, an abusive staffer may withhold food as punishment.


One of the most common injuries in a nursing facility is a fall. While falls are not uncommon among the elderly, nursing home facilities should have safeguards in place to prevent these falls, including railings, clear walkways, and other features.

Wandering Patients

Patients who have dementia, when left unattended, are at risk of becoming confused and wandering off. When given the appropriate amount of attention and care, patients should not be able to leave designated areas of their nursing home without specific attention.

Signs of Restraint

While some elderly residents may present a physical risk to themselves or others at times, the use of restraints should be limited only to when they are absolutely necessary. Signs that an elderly patient has been restrained repeatedly, including marks on their wrists or symptoms of muscle atrophy, could be a red flag for abuse.

Financial Abuse Against Elderly Residents

While most instances regarding nursing home abuse center around a physical injury, it is essential to note that financial abuse of a senior is also a severe threat. The elderly often have assets saved from a lifetime of hard work; that, coupled with diminished capacity, can present a tempting target to unscrupulous nursing home staff. Common signs for financial abuse include:

  • Unexpected changes in wills or powers of attorney
  • Large bank account withdrawals
  • Missing heirlooms or other valuables
  • The unusual addition of a name to bank accounts

When financial abuse of a senior is suspected, a nursing home abuse lawyer in Cobb County may be able to help to recover the lost assets from the responsible party.

Call a Cobb County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

No older adult deserves to face abuse or neglect in a place where they expect to be cared for and treated with respect. If your loved one suffered an injury at a nursing home, call today to discuss your case with an experienced Cobb County nursing home abuse lawyer.