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Gainesville Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In addition to the health benefits associated with cycling, the cost of a bicycle is far lower than that of a motor vehicle. However, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with riding a bicycle, especially in the event of a collision with a car or truck. If you sustained an injury in a bike accident, a well-practiced personal injury attorney could help you seek financial compensation.

While bike riders are not always faultless in an accident, most collisions occur as a result of driver inattention. If drivers fail to yield to a cyclist, the resulting crash can lead to devastating injuries that require expensive and ongoing medical treatment. You could offset these losses by working with a Gainesville bicycle accident lawyer from our firm.

Bicycle Laws in Gainesville

Bike riders must comply with the same rules of the road that apply to motorists, but there are other regulations specific to bicycles. These regulations frequently come into play in civil lawsuits, as a violation of traffic law could be used as evidence of an injured party’s shared fault for a subsequent accident.

According to Official Code of Georgia Annotated §40-6-292, a cyclist may not allow a passenger to ride on the handlebars of their bike. Should a rider violate this statute, it could be counted against them during a claim for damages.

However, O.C.G.A §40-6-291 gives cyclists the right to ride on either the shoulder of the road as well as in the road itself. Although, if a cyclist rides on a public street, they must do so in the right-hand lane and ride as close as possible to the shoulder. Understanding these regulations is important, as they can directly impact the strength of a Gainesville biking collision attorney’s case.

Shared Fault in a Bike Crash

If a Gainesville lawyer can demonstrate that the driver who struck the cyclist was acting negligently at the time of the crash, they may be able to recover compensation on behalf of the injured plaintiff. However, in some cases, a cyclist can contribute to their own injuries.

Local courts use modified comparative fault to determine whether an injured claimant is eligible for monetary damages as well as an amount. A plaintiff who bears more than 50 percent liability for an accident may not receive any compensation whatsoever for their losses. A cyclist who is less than 50 percent responsible for causing their own injuries would see their compensatory award reduced in proportion to their assigned percentage of fault.

Call a Gainesville Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

Collisions involving a vehicle and a bike can result in severe bodily harm to the cyclist, as they are especially vulnerable to the impact of a crash. When these injuries occur through no fault of your own, you have the right to seek compensation from the person responsible.

With the help of a Gainesville bicycle accident lawyer, you could recover the compensation you need to cover your medical bills and make up for any missed time at work. Time is of the essence, so schedule your first consultation with our firm right away.