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Gainesville Defective Products Lawyer

In most cases, the products that manufacturers sell to consumers are safe if used as directed. However, some companies manufacture and market products that are too hazardous for the public or which lack the necessary warning labels, resulting in severe injury. In these circumstances, a determined personal injury attorney could examine the facts of the case and determine whether financial compensation is available for the injured consumer.

If you or a loved one sustained an injury from using a dangerous or defective product, retaining legal representation could be your best option for obtaining monetary damages. A well-versed Gainesville defective products lawyer could assist you in holding the responsible parties accountable.

Characterizing a Defective Product

In Gainesville product liability claims, an attorney could help identify the responsible party and build a strong claim against them. Several factors can contribute to a defective item entering the market and injuring a consumer. For example, defects commonly result from manufacturing, design, or marketing errors.


Defective manufacturing can occur at any point during the design process before the product reaches consumers. These claims typically involve human errors or mechanical failures that occur during the manufacturing process. Damage during transportation or stocking at a retail outlet could also form the basis of a successful civil claim for compensation.

Defective Design

Some products are inherently dangerous as a result of design flaws or a lack of safety testing. If defects are built into the design, then these errors could affect every product and injure many consumers.


A marketing defect involves the instructions or safety warnings attached to a product. If the item does not include a warning of significant risks associated with using the product as directed, a consumer who is injured as a result could have a valid claim for damages. It should be noted that if a consumer uses a product outside of its intended use, manufacturers are not liable for any injuries that occur.

Time Limits on Filing a Product Liability Claim

An individual may not know a product is dangerous until years after purchasing the item. Under Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-1-11, an injured person has ten years beginning from the date of purchase to bring a defective product lawsuit in Gainesville.

Manufacturers are also prohibited from shortening this time limit through the language of a contract. It may not always be apparent when a product was first purchased. Fortunately, an experienced attorney could help a Gainesville consumer identify and adhere to the deadline for filing a defective products claim.

Reach Out to a Gainesville Defective Products Attorney Right Away

If you recently sustained injuries from using a defective product as directed, you should consider seeking legal assistance as soon as possible because you may be entitled to pursue compensation. A diligent Gainesville defective products lawyer from our firm could review your case and guide you through a civil claim against the item’s manufacturer. Call now to set up a case consultation with a seasoned professional.