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Gwinnett County Failure to Yield Accident Lawyer

A failure to yield accident is when one vehicle has the right of way, a separate vehicle does not possess the right of way and does not yield, leading to a collision.

How the law regards the right of way is fairly straight forward. The person who is legally in their lane, or someone has the right to be where they are in their vehicle, has the right of way.

Dealing with the losses that come with a car crash is often overwhelming. The first step in recovering against a negligent driver could involve contacting an experienced car wreck attorney. A Gwinnett County failure to yield accident lawyer could fight for your right to compensation.

Contributory Negligence in Failure to Yield Collisions

The contributory negligence factor could be complicated when identifying fault in failure to yield cases. Contributory negligence could lead to an individual’s claim to damages being diminished. Attorneys may need to investigate who had the right of way when the crash occurred and if the injured individual was in any way responsible, and if so, to what degree. Doing so allows an attorney to gather the necessary evidence that could potentially be presented in a Peachtree Corner case.

How Insurance Companies Regard Failure to Yield Accidents

Insurance companies will often look to see who was at fault in that failure to yield accident. It is usually the person who has the yield sign that did not yield, so when insurance investigators are looking at fault, they look at who did not yield and then they look for the contributory negligence of the other driver. If the other driver was speeding, impaired, or made a last-minute lane change, insurance companies may look to ascribe a degree of fault to the claim holder.

Common Trends in Gwinnett County Failure to Yield Accidents

Often, failure to yield accidents in Peachtree Corner involve motorists who drive through green lights but fail to yield the right of way. Doing this could cause an accident, and unfortunately, these types of accidents are relatively common. There is almost always a road sign involved in these accidents that instruct drivers to yield. In the cases where no road signs are present, a driver must still yield the right of way if they do not have it.

How Attorneys Could Investigate a Failure to Yield Accident

A failure to yield accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could investigate a case to see who is at fault by looking at the police report. By doing so, an attorney could see if the police wrote a ticket for a failure to yield. On top of this, Peachtree Corners attorneys could also look at the intersection or the location of the wreck, what direction the cars were traveling to and from, the speed of the vehicles, any sort of pictures or video footage, and if there were significant injuries associated with the wreck. After gathering the necessary evidence, attorneys could enlist the help of an accident reconstructionist. All of this evidence could then be compiled, assessed, and if necessary, presented in court.

Connect with a Gwinnett County Failure to Yield Attorney

After sustaining the shock of another driver crashing into you, contacting an experienced attorney could help you. A driver who did not yield the right of way and caused you harm could be held to compensate victims in court. With the help of a Gwinnett County failure to yield lawyer, you could begin to hold those negligent parties accountable for their actions.