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Gwinnett County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Accidents in Gwinnett County’s parking lots are surprisingly common. Many parking facilities create blind spots that do not allow drivers to see around corners, and parking structures are often poorly-lit and heavily congested. As a result, many commuters rushing to get to work or shoppers hunting for a space can become distracted, leading to serious accidents.

A Gwinnett County parking lot accident lawyer may be able to help you collect compensation if you have been injured in a parking lot, either as a driver or a pedestrian. An accomplished car wreck attorney could conduct an investigation by visiting the accident scene, tracking down any witnesses who may have observed the incident, and accurately measure your losses to demand appropriate compensation.

Why are Accidents Common in Peachtree Corners Parking Lots?

When most people think about safe driving, they imagine higher-speed precautions like proper signaling while on the highway or checking both ways when entering a four-way intersection. Just as the facts indicate that most accidents on the road happen within a few miles of one’s home, however, parking lots also are the scene of a disproportionate number of collisions. As a result, drivers need to be alert and aware of their surroundings in a parking lot or garage just as they would be on a freeway.

Especially in parking garages, it can be difficult to know if another person is coming around the corner in the opposite direction. Combined with tight corners, low visibility makes head-on collisions very common. A Gwinnett County parking lot accident attorney could help an injured driver or pedestrian investigate the facts behind their accident and gather the evidence needed to demonstrate that another party was at fault for their losses.

Fighting for Fair Compensation

Drivers and pedestrians injured in parking lot accidents have the same rights to demand compensation from negligent defendants as those injured in accidents that take place on the street. A core concept of the law states that all drivers must protect all anyone that they may encounter while behind the wheel. That duty applies not just to people driving on the roads, but anywhere that is open to the public.

A parking lot accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could demand payment for any economic damages such as lost wages and hospital bills. In certain cases, an attorney may also be able to pursue non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering or mental anguish.

Let a Gwinnett County Parking Lot Accident Attorney Help

Any driver injured in a parking lot accident because of the negligence of another person has the right to demand compensation. A driver in a parking lot has the same obligation to operate their vehicle safely as drivers on public streets or roads.

A Gwinnett County parking lot accident lawyer may be able to help pursue your and hold the responsible party accountable. An attorney could work to gather the evidence needed to prove defendant fault while protecting you from aggressive insurance companies. Contact a Gwinnett County parking lot accident lawyer today to schedule a consultation.