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Gwinnett County Motorcycle Traffic Laws

Motorcyclists need to follow all local traffic laws to keep themselves and others safe from harm. Motorcycles are more dangerous than other vehicles because the rider and their passengers can suffer a severe injury due to their increased exposure. Therefore, they need to be extra cautious when navigating the roads and trying to circumvent the dangers of riding a motorcycle.

If a rider is operating a motorcycle in a way that the law does not allow, they can be ticketed. Motorcyclists could even potentially face jail time if they do not abide by Gwinnett County motorcycle traffic laws. An experienced attorney could help bikers understand what traffic laws apply to them and avoid liability in the event of a wreck.

What Gwinnett County Traffic Laws Apply to Motorcyclists?

Motorcyclists must obey all traffic laws in Gwinnett County, just like other motor vehicles. However, the operation of a motorcycle is different from a vehicle, so there needs to be an increased awareness of the danger on behalf of the riders and passengers on a motorcycle. Bikers should reference any nuance in the law that applies to them.

A person also cannot just purchase a motorcycle and begin riding it. There is a separate motorcycle license that one has to get. A motorcycle license also allows them to transport passengers on their bike.

Bikers need to make sure that their motorcycle license is permanent, and they must obey the laws under the restrictions that each type of license carries. For example, when they have a motorcycle permit, they are restricted in terms of passengers and the time that they drive. However, with a motorcycle license, these restrictions do not apply.

Peachtree Corners Contributory Negligence Rule

Georgia abides by the contributory negligence rule. So if a jury finds that a motorcyclist was partially responsible for their injuries in the event of an accident, the value of the civil claim gets reduced by the amount of fault that the jury assigns.

For instance, if a jury awards somebody $1 million for catastrophic damages and bodily injury, but also finds the motorcyclist to be 10 percent at-fault, the final award would be reduced by 10 percent. That would mean there would be a $100,000 decrease in the value due to comparative negligence.

Since the reduction can be significant, a biker needs to avoid any liability. An accomplished attorney could help a claimant prove the other motorist was responsible for the accident.

How Can Motorcyclists Avoid Complicating Their Claim?

As soon as a motorcyclist is injured, they need to speak with a competent attorney immediately. A knowledgeable lawyer could walk them through what exactly needs to be done and begin the process of speaking with insurance companies.

The Department of Transportation at the state and local levels make periodic updates on the law. Therefore, bikers should stay aware of any new statutes that apply specifically to motorcycles.

A Lawyer Could Explain Gwinnett County Motorcycle Traffic Laws

All bikers must be aware of all Gwinnett County motorcycle traffic laws to keep themselves and others safe from harm. Failing to follow the safety statutes could also affect a biker’s liability in the event of an accident. Fortunately, a well-practiced attorney could help a motorcyclist understand their legal rights and work to build a strong civil claim against the at-fault party. If you were involved in a motorbike crash, or are curious about the statutes surrounding motorcycles, schedule a consultation now.