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Gwinnett County Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Given their size and weight, commercial trucks are difficult to drive and require specialized training to operate, in no small parts because these vehicles have significantly larger blind spots for drivers than smaller passenger cars do. If a truck driver fails to accommodate for their vehicle’s blind spots and subsequently causes an accident, they could potentially be held accountable for their negligence. A dedicated Gwinnett County blind spot truck accident lawyer could provide further details about filing a lawsuit following a collision. Reach out to a dedicated truck crash attorney today.

What Makes Trucks Prone to Blind Spot Crashes?

There are several characteristics of trucks that make their drivers more prone to becoming involved in a blind spot accident with another vehicle. First of all, a truck’s blind spots stem from the size, maneuverability, and visibility issues that a truck driver has. Because of their impeded visibility, intersections may be more dangerous for truck drivers than for other types of vehicle operators.

If someone comes around a curve towards an intersection and a truck driver cannot see them coming, both drivers need to be aware that this blind spot could easily lead to an extremely dangerous wreck. It is also important to consider the geography and landscaping around the roadway, as well as the buildings and surrounding environment that the driver must navigate. Commercial trucks are not agile—they cannot change course as quickly as a passenger car, so a truck driver may have very little time to react to another vehicle in their blind spot or even no time at all.

Attributing Negligence after a Blind Spot Truck Accident

If a truck is clearly advising drivers to avoid unsafe behavior while in its marked blind spots, negligence can be attributed to the person in the car that is impacted. If the driver of the car is found to have been the cause of the accident, they are not entitled to any damages.

However, the distribution of liability for such a wreck depends on the actions of both the driver in the impacted vehicle and the driver of the truck driver. Truck drivers are professional drivers, so they are held to a higher standard when it comes to roadway safety. They have to watch out for the vehicles and the environment surrounding them, and they have to make choices that are very safe. A dedicated blind spot truck accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could help an injured victim establish negligence.

The most common effects of blind spot truck wrecks include property damage, as well as death, paralysis, a host of injuries from cuts, abrasions, brain injuries, broken bones, burns, concussions, and herniated discs. All these injuries may form the basis of a truck accident lawsuit, or a wrongful death case in the event of fatal consequences.

Call a Gwinnett County Blind Spot Truck Collision Attorney

The most common locations for blind spot truck accidents to occur in the Peachtree Corners area are dangerous intersections or low-visibility intersections. Regardless of where such an incident occurs, however, the effects can be catastrophic for the person struck by such an unwieldy vehicle. For assistance filing a case for compensation following a wreck that was not your fault, call a qualified Gwinnett County blind spot truck accident lawyer today.