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    • Scott Pryor
      Scott Pryor

      Attorney at Law - Scott is a member of the State Bar of Georgia and is listed in the top 1% of trial attorneys in the nation by the Litigator Awards. He is also a member of Super Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association—Champion Level and sits on the Communications Committee of GTLA, and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

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    • JJ Timmons
      JJ Timmons

      Attorney at Law - J. J. Timmons graduated from Mercer Law School in 2000. He spent many years thereafter doing insurance defense work in general liability and workers’ compensation for several insurance companies and a major automobile manufacturer. He eventually realized that he was working on the wrong side and has been representing plaintiffs and injured workers for the last seven years.

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    • Walter Yarbrough
      Walter Yarbrough

      Attorney at Law - Walter graduated from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama with a B.S. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. He went on to receive his J.D. from Mercer University School of Law. He is admitted to both the Georgia and District Columbia Bars. Walter has practiced in metro-Atlanta since law school and focuses his career on litigating cases for people who are injured as a result of automobile collisions, tractor-trailer crashes, premises liability, and wrongful death. Walter has recovered millions of dollars in settlements. The first half of his career, Walter worked in the public sector in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Fulton County Attorney.

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    • Kate Franke
      Kate Franke

      Attorney at Law (Of Counsel) - Kate Franke concentrates on helping people get the compensation they deserve. She helps victims who are injured by unsafe conditions or auto accidents to get money for medical bills or lost work time. She seeks fair compensation for pain, suffering, and anxiety created by accidents. She will also hold insurance companies accountable when they try to avoid making the fair payments they owe for damaged property or personal harm. Kate’s passion is advocating for people who are injured through no fault of their own.

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    • Angie Hemmings
      Angie Hemmings

      Intake Manager - Angie joined The Scott Pryor Law Group and quickly made her mark on the Firm. Her previous employment on staff at a local church prepared Angie for her current role in client relations and marketing. Meeting prospective clients, checking in regularly with current clients, and staying in touch with former clients are what Angie is passionate about. She wants you to know that you and your family are important to her.

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    • Rhonda Anzaldua
      Rhonda Anzaldua

      Marketing Manager - Rhonda brings over 20 years of customer service and hospitality experience to the marketing and intake team. She is passionate about providing our clients with an outstanding experience from the very first day, and prides herself in her ability to be straightforward and honest but also able to empathize and offer comfort in the difficult conversations. In her spare time, she loves DIY projects, reading, and exploring Atlanta with her husband and three kids.

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    • Lisa Serio
      Lisa Serio

      Legal Support Manager - Lisa focuses on optimizing the day-to-day business of the firm. With over 8 years of experience in managing Legal Offices, she has a unique set of invaluable skills and experiences to offer The Scott Pryor Law Group. Lisa earned her B.A. in Human Resources and earned certifications as a Professional Human Resources (PHR); Corporate Training/Coaching (CTC); Executive Management Certification (EMC); Project Management Lean Process (PMLP) and Paralegal Certification. Lisa spends her free time enjoying the outdoors/gardening, volunteering with Must Ministries and spending time with her family/friends and furbaby Checkers.

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    • Lindsay Butler
      Lindsay Butler

      Litigation Paralegal - Lindsay has been with The Scott Pryor Law Group since 2010. Prior to joining the Firm, she worked in Atlanta radio for several years. Lindsay wears many hats at The Scott Pryor Law Group and most likely will be involved in every step of your case. She is honored to be an advocate for clients through a very difficult time in their lives. It’s important to her that clients know there’s no question too small and she’s always available to discuss their case.

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    • Pretty Dimmel
      Pretty Dimmel

      Case Manager / Pre-Lit Paralegal - Pretty Dimmel graduated from GA State University and then received her paralegal certificate from UGA. She is fluent in Spanish and Malaysian. She has a medical/insurance background and loves to help our clients resolve their medical billing issues. Pretty loves seeing our clients' happy expressions when they see how much she was able to reduce their medical bills.

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    • Alexa Carbajal
      Alexa Carbajal

      Client Relations & Marketing Assistant - Alexa is bilingual and has outstanding communication skills that allow her to go above and beyond when interacting with our clients. Alexa loves meeting and interacting with new people, therefore providing excellent client service comes naturally to her. Alexa's past work experiences have helped enhance her personal skills and enable her to work well with different generations and people from all walks of life.

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    • Janessa Chamlee
      Janessa Chamlee

      Case Manager / Pre-Lit Paralegal - Janessa has been in the legal field for twenty-two years and after working for a criminal defense attorney for most of her career, decided to shift gears and join the world of personal injury.  After jumping in a few years ago, she quickly learned the ins and outs of each phase of a personal injury case and promises to assist in the navigation of every case that passes through The Scott Pryor Law Group.

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    • Maizy Harris
      Maizy Harris

      Receptionist - Maizy has many years of administrative and customer service experience that she brings to The Scott Pryor Law Group. People are her passion, and her goal is to make our clients feel welcome and comfortable. She will meet you with kindness, compassion and honesty as our team works together to meet your needs. In spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and her two little girls.

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    • Tamra Misseijer
      Tamra Misseijer

      Digital Liaison - Tamra served as an educator and administrative assistant for 20+ years. Professionally multifaceted, bilingual, and media savvy, her experience translates well into her role as Digital Liaison for the firm. Tamra’s main responsibilities for The Scott Pryor Law Group include creating content for the firm’s connection to the outside world via various social media platforms, promoting the firm through these platforms, and Spanish translation.

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What Do I Do if I am Hit by an Uninsured Driver?

Car accidents happen. That’s what auto insurance is for, after all. But the way auto insurance is designed, both parties involved in an accident are supposed to have it. This way the responsible party’s insurance can cover the costs. In a perfect world, auto accidents and insurance claims would be the easiest thing in the world.

Too bad this isn’t a perfect world. Unfortunately, many people still take it upon themselves to drive despite not having insurance. For those struck by an uninsured driver, it can feel like a nightmare to get everything sorted out. But, if you are on the ball with your insurance policy, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Today we’re going to look at the three ways that an accident with an uninsured driver can play out. The first is the worst: paying out of pocket to cover your damages. The second is often the best choice: ensuring you have uninsured driver coverage. But if that doesn’t do the trick, a personal injury lawsuit may be your only remaining option. Let’s dive in.

When Should I Pay Out of Pocket?

Honestly? You shouldn’t.

Unless you were the party responsible for the accident, then you shouldn’t pay out of pocket. However, many people think that this is the only option available to them when they get into an accident with an uninsured driver.

If you have the right type of insurance, then it shouldn’t matter that you got into an accident with an uninsured driver; you should still be able to make a claim regardless of the fact that the responsible party failed to have insurance.

But if you don’t have the right type of insurance, then your options are to pay out of pocket or to take the responsible party to court. This can be a hard choice to make. For one, court is expensive. So if you don’t have too much to pay in damages, it may be a better idea to simply pay and move on.

The other downside is that you aren’t guaranteed to win. Your chances are going to be quite decent that you could win, especially if you work with an experienced attorney, but there are never any guarantees when it comes to legal battles. So it could be that you spend the money on a lawsuit, only to walk away with little to show for it.

However, if your damages are anything beyond minor then it is strongly recommended that you don’t pay out of pocket but seek some form of compensation.

Can I Rely On My Insurance?

Typically, going through your insurance company is going to be the best way to seek compensation following an accident. Normally when you get into an accident with another driver, the claim would be made through their policy because they were the one that caused the accident and thus your damages.

But an uninsured driver doesn’t have an insurance company through which you can seek to recover damages. So it will be up to your own company and that will depend largely on what type of coverage you have as a part of your insurance plan.

The absolute best insurance to have in a situation like this is uninsured motorist coverage. Like the name implies, this is coverage that protects you from accidents with uninsured drivers. So when you get into an accident and find out the other party doesn’t have insurance, you don’t have to worry. You know that your own insurance policy covers this situation.

But there is another bonus to having insurance of this variety. Say you get into that same accident and that it really did a number on your vehicle, but the other driver has insurance. Only, as it turns out, their insurance policy is inadequate. Underinsured motorist coverage may also help to make up the difference between your damages and how much their insurance pays.

Standard collision coverage may also help to recover damages done to your vehicle. However, if you want to feel safe and sure that you are covered for a situation like this then you should add uninsured driver coverage to your insurance policy.

Can I Recover Damages Through a Lawsuit?

A car accident lawsuit may be the only option to recover the damages you suffered from an accident with an uninsured driver if you don’t have the right type of insurance coverage. Lawsuits are a gamble, but a good attorney can help to increase the odds in your favor.

In order to pursue a lawsuit, you need to be able to prove a certain chain of effect. You need to have suffered an injury, that injury must have arisen from an accident, that accident had to have been caused by the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of the other party. If you can show this chain of events, you can win your lawsuit.

A good attorney will work with you to uncover evidence, gather witness testimony, and build a solid case that shows each required piece of information. Building a case takes time, however, so you’ll want to reach out to an attorney pretty soon after getting into an accident.

One thing to note, however, is that often the reason people drive without insurance is that they don’t have the funds to afford it. If this is the case then a lawsuit may actually not be the best way to recover damages, as the other party only has a little to their name. If, however, they simply messed up and let their insurance lapse, then you could potentially recover what you’re after.

When Should I Speak to an Attorney?

You should reach out to an experienced attorney soon following your accident. Dealing with insurance companies on your own is never recommended, as they make more money by using tricks to reduce how much they need to pay out. So even if you have uninsured motorist coverage, you should still work with an attorney to approach your insurance company rather than do so on your own.

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