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Filing a Car Accident Claim in Atlanta

When filing a car accident claim in Atlanta, it is crucial to hire a skilled and experienced attorney who could help you. In addition to guiding you throughout the claims process, an attorney could protect you from any deceitful measures an insurance company may take to avoid paying for your losses. When working with a legal professional, they could work to ensure that you obtain the full value of your damages.

Where a Claimant Files their Case?

An injured person can file car accident claims with the magistrate court or the state court in Atlanta. Cases that are filed in a federal district court must have federal jurisdiction. Most accident cases are filed in circuit court unless there is diverse jurisdiction. In this situation, a claimant may file a case in the federal district court.

Deceitful Tactics from Insurance Companies

When an injured party wants to file a Atlanta car wreck claim for their losses, they may come across challenges when dealing with the insurance companies. This is because some companies may try to use manipulative techniques to avoid paying out a claim.

One of the methods an insurance adjuster may use to avoid paying damages is trying to get an injured party to make recorded statements that may jeopardize their claim. The adjuster may ask a claimant a series manipulative of questions designed to help the insurance company and not the injured person. These questions may try to minimize the claimant’s injuries, damages, reducing the provider’s liability.

Another deceitful tactic that an insurance company may use is getting an injured party’s bank account information to directly wire funds. When an adjuster does this, they may send a small amount into the bank account and then tell the injured party they already settled their claim.

An insurance company also may advise an injured party to avoid seeking legal counsel by stating that their fees are going to exceed their compensatory award. However, this is not the case because a dedicated attorney is going to give an injured party the full value of their claim, even after the legal fees. The insurance adjuster may then tell an injured party that their attorney will do the work to ensure that they get the full value of their claim without the legal counsel of their own, when in fact, they may not.

An insurance adjuster may try to get the injured party to sign a medical authorization so the company can obtain all of this individual’s medical records. Once they have someone’s records, they may try to blame the current injuries on any previous conditions.

The Importance of Retaining a Lawyer When Filing a Atlanta Car Accident Case

If you need help filing a car accident claim in Atlanta, you should seek the services of an experienced attorney who understands the system and its nuances. An attorney could work to ensure that you receive proper treatment emotionally, physically, financially, and legally. Additionally, legal counsel could prevent you from falling for the deceitful tactics that some insurance companies may use to avoid paying out a claim. To get help on your case, call today.