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Bus Accident Attorneys in Gainesville, GA

Any collision between two vehicles has the potential for serious injury. However, the risk of injury is amplified when a bus is involved. Whether a school bus, city bus, or local charter, large public transit vehicles can cause devastating injuries in the event of an accident. Fortunately, a dedicated personal injury attorney could provide guidance to a person injured in a bus crash.

If you recently suffered injuries in a bus collision, you may be eligible to recover compensation from responsible parties. A Gainesville bus accident lawyer could assist you in identifying the responsible party and holding them accountable in civil court.

Common Factors in Bus Accidents

Operating a bus has some notable differences compared to driving a passenger vehicle. While cars typically drive from one point to another, busses make frequent stops. The process of stopping, loading, and unloading passengers could lead to accidents if drivers are inattentive to a stopped bus.

Additionally, the size of a bus is a significant factor in most accidents, as it can impact the severity of damages inflicted on other motorists in passenger cars. The weight of a public transit vehicle requires more time to come to a complete stop, as well.

Bus drivers owe other motorists and their passengers a duty of care to keep them from suffering avoidable harm. Buses are classified as “common carriers” because they transport people. As a result, the standard for civil claims from injured passengers is much lower compared to a lawsuit brought by another motorist.

Since these cases have different legal requirements than other collisions, it is helpful to retain legal counsel familiar with bus accidents. A Gainesville attorney could provide the experience and skill needed to take on a bus wreck claim.

Determining Who is Responsible for a Bus Crash

The defendants can vary in bus accident lawsuits. Most often, the bus driver is the responsible party and could face civil liability if an accident results from their speeding, running a stop sign, or failing to yield to another driver or a pedestrian.

Bus crash lawsuits can also include the bus company as a defendant. A Gainesville lawyer could argue that the bus company is responsible for the negligence of their driver if they were aware of the risks associated with letting them operate the vehicle. The bus company could also be responsible if they failed to maintain the bus and keep it in good working order, as accidents can also occur due to defective parts. When a defect leads to a crash, an attorney could file suit against the part’s manufacturer.

Reach Out to a Gainesville Bus Accident Attorney Today

If you were involved in a Gainesville bus accident, retaining an attorney could be vital. Whether you were a passenger, a pedestrian, or another motorist, a legal representative could present you with the best chance of recovering compensation for your injuries.

The sooner you discuss your claim with an attorney, the sooner financial recovery could become a reality. To discuss your case in detail, call a Gainesville bus accident lawyer right away.