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Gwinnett County Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer

If a large commercial vehicle flips over, the damage that follows could be catastrophic. A rolling semi-truck could strike other motorists, inflicting serious harm to their person and vehicle. A Gwinnett County rollover truck accident lawyer could help those injured by a flipped truck seek financial compensation. A compassionate attorney could review a claimant’s case and gather evidence to prove the truck driver is responsible for the collision.

What Makes Rollover Truck Wrecks Different?

Rollovers are often caused by one vehicle impacting another, causing it to flip over. Common scenarios that lead to rollovers are a semi-truck impacting another vehicle, a defect in the road, driver error, a defective product (like a tire blowing out), or top-heavy vehicles that take turns too quickly. A skilled lawyer experienced with truck wrecks in Gwinnett County could review the facts of the case to determine who was responsible for the flipped vehicle.

A semi-truck rolling over can greatly impact other motorists by hitting their vehicles and causing catastrophic injuries and property damage. Trucks are more susceptible to rollovers because they are much heavier than other passenger vehicles. Overloaded commercial vehicles are even more at risk because their cargo can unexpectedly shift to one side, increasing their chances of rolling over.

Rollover accidents are different from other types of wrecks because of the increased likelihood of the people involved suffering traumatic harm, such as paralysis, severe head trauma, or even death. In addition, the significant weight of semi-trucks could cause serious property damage to other vehicles as it collides with them.

Ways to Avoid a Flipped Truck Crash

To prevent rollover accidents, drivers must be aware of their surroundings and keep a proper distance from semi-trucks. Truck drivers and their employers should be aware of any defects in the vehicle that could increase its chances of flipping, as well as its safety rating.

Driving actively and defensively can help truck drivers avoid being t-boned at intersections, which can cause the vehicle to roll. Being acutely aware of one’s surroundings, anticipating other drivers’ actions, and maintaining proper speeds and distances from other vehicles can help drivers avoid being involved in rollover accidents.

Truck drivers who do not follow traffic safety laws, are distracted, or operate their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs could be found liable for the crash. A Peachtree Corners attorney could argue a truck driver was behaving negligently at the time of the rollover wreck.

Documenting Evidence

To document a rollover accident, an injured claimant should take pictures and videos of the scene and obtain contact information from any witnesses who may have seen the accident. Data regarding the vehicle’s speed, braking, and steering could also be obtained from the vehicle’s black box, if the truck is a newer model.

Any surveillance videos from traffic signals or nearby businesses that may have footage of the accident should also be obtained, in addition to police reports. An attorney may also hire investigators and accident experts to recreate the rollover crash scene and document any additional evidence.

Get in Touch with a Gwinnett County Rollover Truck Accident Attorney

A Gwinnett County rollover accident lawyer could interview police officers and witnesses, obtain documentary evidence, and hire an accident reconstructionist to determine what transpired accurately. In the immediate aftermath of a rollover wreck, an attorney could formally notify the other driver and the insurance company that they want all relevant data preserved.

Obtaining strong legal counsel could greatly improve your chances of a full recovery. Schedule your first consultation for free right away.