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Health Insurance in Gwinnett County Motorcycle Accidents

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Having adequate health insurance after a Gwinnett County motorcycle accident is key to a successful recovery. By not having strong coverage, you risk not being fully compensated in the event of a serious accident. Fortunately, a well-practiced motorbike crash attorney could determine if all your losses are covered and advise you on what steps to take if an uninsured driver harmed you.

Why Do You Need Health Insurance and an Attorney?

Attorneys tell injured motorcyclists to use their health insurance anywhere that they can, but many people do not have any health insurance at all. A lawyer could help identify medical providers who will treat on a lien basis, meaning the health provider will wait for the settlement to get paid from the insurance company.

A good attorney wants to make sure that injured individuals are fully healed from the wreck, both physically and financially. A skilled and dedicated lawyer could ensure that a motorcyclist is fully compensated for their injuries.

What Happens If an Injured Motorcyclist Does Not Have Health Insurance in Gwinnett County?

In Gwinnett County, failing to obtain health insurance could create a barrier for treatment following a motorcycle wreck. An injured biker typically must be seen by an orthopedist, a neurologist, or a different specialist, depending on the types of injuries they suffered. If they do not have health insurance, how are they going to get in to see those specialists?

Injured motorcyclists should seek legal guidance from someone who could identify those specialists and work on a lien. If a biker does not seek medical treatment after an accident, they cannot file a personal injury claim for recovery.

It is important that the motorcyclist document all their damages and treatment, both physical and mental. An insurance company’s goal is not to pay on a claim, and they could either deny or greatly devalue the claim without proper documentation. A lawyer has to prove that the person was injured and the extent of the losses to recover fully.

Uninsured Driver

If a motorcyclist is struck by an uninsured driver, they must look at their own policy to see if they have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage is not required in Georgia, so a person may be stuck paying all the medical expenses out of pocket or through their health insurance. That is why it is important to have uninsured motorist vehicle insurance in case somebody without insurance hits them.

There is a fallacy out there put out by the insurance industry that there is such a thing as full coverage. In fact, there is no such thing as full coverage.

There is a limitation on every policy a person has. If someone has $1 million in uninsured motorist benefits, then the insurance company only covers up to that $1 million. If the person’s medical bills are $2 million or their treatment runs up to $3 million, they are only covered for $1 million.

Motorcyclists must obtain good coverage to protect themselves in the event of a collision with an uninsured driver. Understanding their insurance policy could help them avoid making mistakes after a motorcycle wreck.

Financing Medical Treatment After a Motorbike Wreck

There are a couple of ways to handle medical treatment following an accident. Bikers can find a company that specializes in financing medical treatment for their case. Usually, the financing company will not work with individuals directly, so motorcyclists should enlist the help of an attorney in these cases.

Medical providers can file liens on cases as well, but usually, they must wait until after the case is paid out to get that lien paid. In this office, lawyers all look for any medical payments coverage the person might have on their policy that will pay for the medical bills a lot quicker.

Reimbursing Health Insurers in Peachtree Corners

In Georgia, anytime there is insurance like Medicare or Medicaid, the federal government has to be reimbursed at the end of the case. Law firms typically negotiate with Medicare to put more money in the client’s pockets and get them to take reductions, if they are willing to do so. However, if there is any Georgia aid such as PeachCare, the client is required to pay that company back. At this law office, lawyers will contact the company and see what amount is owed so that the firm can pay them back.

Other medical providers who treat the injured motorcyclist may be paid back at the end of a case. Health insurance companies, if they are ERISA-based, have a right to be repaid from the proceeds of the settlement claim. If they are not an ERISA-based company here in Georgia, they do not have the right to be repaid.

A Lawyer Could Negotiate with Health Insurers After a Motorcycle Crash in Gwinnett County

While insurers are there to cover your treatment in the event of an accident, they may downplay the extent of your losses. A dedicated lawyer could negotiate with health insurers after a motorcycle accident in Gwinnett County.

An experienced lawyer knows how to handle insurance companies to make sure you are fully compensated for your losses. Speak with an attorney right away to learn how they may be able to help you.

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